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 Bakugekiki Clan

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PostSubject: Bakugekiki Clan   Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:44 pm

Clan - Bakugekiki(Bomber)

Biography: This clan was originated from Iwa. There arent many people from this clan, but they were said to be one of the strongest in Iwa. They showed no fear and everyone that was born from this clan always took an interest in Art. They also were born with mutated hands and a mutated chest. There was a man long ago who use to work in a criminal organization, that wanted to control the world. At the end he met his end because of pride for art and not losing to the person he fought. Iwa kept strong and many who came from this clan built and help out Iwa to make it a great village. Until it was wiped out by a sacred golem. The people from the Bakugekiki clan were scatter around the ninja world after their home was lost and seek to rebuilt Iwa once again when the time has come

Clan Members: Bakuha Gekiuma

Skills/Kekkei Genkai

Name*: Kibaku Nendo

Type*: Doton Element control and body mutation

Stages*: 1

Effects: This stage is not actually a stage but just something the user has since birth. They are born with three extra mouths that are not on the face. They have mouths on the palm of each hands. They also have one mouth on their chest, that is closed up at birth and can only be use for last resorts or forbidden jutsu as what they are told. These mouths are able to take in clay and chew them giving them Explosive properties, by infusing chakra inside the clay. Then the user forms the clay into any shape they want give them a form to attack in. When they perform hand seals they can make there creations bigger. The power of the explosive property are separated into four category, C-1, C-2, C-3, and C-4. There is one forbidden one which is named C-0 and this is likely to killed the user and the people around the area.

Jutsus it Unlocks:



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Bakugekiki Clan
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