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PostSubject: Tsugeki Genshi   Tsugeki Genshi Icon_minitimeThu Sep 05, 2013 1:08 am

Name: Tsugeki Genshi

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Description: Tsugeki is a very rugged, rough man of about six-foot four, weighing in at around two-hundred and ten pounds. He is fair-skinned and white haired in old age, although he is growing a slight chin-strap beard which comes down from his side-burns and connects at his chin and on his upper lip. His eyes are brown, however he has lost vision in his left eye, which is now very pale and of course, impaired. Normally, Tsugeki wears very humble clothing - a pair of black, baggy pants with multiple pouches and scroll-holsters for carrying various equipment. On his feet are a pair of old, worn-out black sandals which are the same color as his turtle-neck tank-top. Under it, he wears tight athletic bandages around his arms, and over it, he dons his white Kage robe, which is torn and been through better times.

Personality: Tsugeki is a man of honor. He believes that true pride and spirit present themselves on the battlefield, and those who come back from it are truly worthy of their titles, their spoils, and their honor. Because of this, he tends to look down somewhat upon the younger, sprier generation - although he knows that they are certainly capable of becoming respectable shinobi in their own right. This also leads him to completely disrespect failures, but none more so than rogue ninja - especially those from his own village. To show no allegiance is to show no honor, and a Shinobi without honor is lower than a swine.

Tsugeki is a stern man. He is hardly the type to joke around or to make fun of things, however he is not without joy. Rarely smiling, he can be very dead-beat, but he does feel happiness when there is something truly special to celebrate, to rejoice in, or worth his time to smile at. What he dislikes the most, aside from a lack of respect, is a 'class clown' - the person who slacks off, fools around, and is a general nuisance. Because of this, during his visits to the Kiri academy, you can tell that the students have a slight fear of him, although it is mostly out of respect for his being and his sheer legacy more than his attitude.

Tsugeki is a man of his country. There is no one more patriotic in all of Kirigakure, or in the Land of Water in general - if there ever was such a man, it was probably just Tsugeki. He cares for his people, and he wants expansion, wealth, expansion, power, expansion, and expansion for his country. Did I mention expansion? Because he wants expansion. Tsugeki wants to see the Land of Water grow by means of taking control of the surrounding land - this would continue until there was no land left to take, until the Land of Water was the only land. That is what Tsugeki wants the most, even if it is the last thing he does, or if he has to sacrifice himself to get it. Due to this, he has an obvious lack of respect for the other villages, and is not very happy to discuss them.

Rank: Jounin

Village: Kirigakure

Character history: Tsugeki didn't always want to be a shinobi. In fact, the very idea disgusted him when he was around four or five. He was destined, at the time, to carry out of his father's job when the man eventually became too old to work - he would fish. And it was no simple task of throwing a fishing line into the water. No, this was sweat-wrenching, net-throwing labor which he helped his father, tirelessly, as much and as often as he could. He enjoyed it - being out at sea, feeling the breeze of the salty air against his skin. Life was great.

But there was one day when fishing didn't seem so incredible. There was a storm brewing - a big storm - just off the shore of one of the many ports in the Land of Water. His father hadn't gotten a very good catch in months, it was possible that his family would get evicted from their home in a matter of days. He needed to do what he could to get more money, and so he braved the elements to fish. Tsugeki's mother warned against it, but he didn't listen. Naturally, the young boy wanted to go with his father, but he was threatened not to by the thunderous clouds and the violent winds - or so it seemed. When his mother was no looking, little Tsugeki climbed into his father's boat, a stowaway, ready to pop out and surprise his father.

When he popped out, though, he may have surprised him too well. His father was furious - this was no place for a child, not in this weather. But his momentary lapse in anger caused him to lose track of the net, which had gotten tangled around a large rock underwater. A sudden waved pushed them to the side, and the boat completely flipped, the net snapping under it's weight. Tsugeki was sure that he was going to die.

But he didn't. Suddenly, the water shifted, and he was brought back to the beach. For a moment, he glimpsed someone. He didn't know who it was, but there was a sighting of the rumored descendant of the Sage of Six Paths, who used his powerful ninjutsus to silence the sinister storm, and bring Tsugeki to safety. But it was only Tsugeki. They did not find his father's body. His ship was torn to piece, but there was no trace of him. He and his mother were kicked out of their house, and forced to live in a small hut-like shelter in the outskirts of the city. They were poor, starved, and helpless... but Tsugeki was fueled by a different feeling. Not of sadness, like his mother, but of duty. He had gotten his father killed - it was possible that he didn't, but he took responsibility. He needed to be something, to bring honor to their name. And so, with the permission of his mother, he trained to be a shinobi.

It was not a very easy path for him to take. But his determination was unrivaled. He excelled greatly in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, and was one of the shinobi lucky enough to be in the very first generation of Genin. Missions, at that time, were not very easy to come by, and were often grueling challenges. It was not about picking weeds - it was about solving missing people's cases and murdering and stealing and treachery. There were no mission rankings, and Genin were not paired yet. Tsugeki did what he could to slowly raise enough money for he and his mother to buy a small house towards the inner workings of the village.

At around age seventeen, Tsugeki became a Chunin. It was an honor that he took to heart, and the salary boost was very high. After a few months, he had enough to improve his small family's standard of living, but his mother had come down with a very bad infection, and spent most of her time in the hospital. Almost all of Tsugeki's funds were poured into her medical expenses, and he found himself living alone out of their run-down home. Yet, he did not complain. He constantly reminded himself of his father, and what respect he was giving to him. He would have been so proud! His son, a Chunin, the breadwinner, the man of the house. So proud.

But he began to feel a different kind of respect. Tsugeki was an exceptional shinobi. He began to stand out as the creme of the crop, even when it came time to move on to the rank of Jonin, at age twenty three. He thought less of simply his father, and more of his village. The people he was helping - the people he was saving. Did he have the best life? No. But he had seen worse. He'd been there to buy the bread for the little girls who were starving. He'd seen the domestic violence he'd had to stop. Over the years, Kirigakure improved quite a bit through the aide of the shinobi. Even the poorer districts didn't feel quite as dirty as they used to, and Tsugeki was to blame for that.

He was beginning to get a nickname, whispered throughout the village - he was the Pulse of Kirigakure. Whenever there was a new mission posted, you can bet that Tsugeki was there to complete it first. He was constantly checking back for more, he was always looking for ways to help. Even when his missions lead to death, and sometimes incredible heartbreak, he was there to brave through it. No other Jounin had gone to the lengths that he had to ensure that the people of the village were well trained, well fed, and well-off.

His deeds had begun to spread through the other villages as well. There was a lot of buzz about the 'revolutionary' new Shinobi. Tsugeki was very humble, though. He did not see himself as a revolutionary, or an extremist. He was someone to be there when the village needed him most, and he was someone for many to lean on in support.

His mother died in the hospital days after he became a Jounin, but her death (much like his father's) did not fill him with woe or despair. They were being carried on within him, within his heart, which was burning for his country and his people. They would be forever known in the next life as the bearers of the Pulse of Kirigakure, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

With Kirigakure now on the brink of war with Suna, Tsugeki is ready to do whatever he needs to ensure that his village comes out victorious.

Objectives: Tsugeki aims to make Kirigakure as best as it can be, no matter how it gets there.

Picture: Tsugeki Genshi Naruto_oc__enoki_raijin_by_sinn4u-d39xk2a
*Image credit to sketcher2007 on Deviant Art*

Face Claim: ---

RP Sample: I think that my application is a pretty good example of my writing, but I will supply a sample if asked.
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