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 taking a break

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PostSubject: taking a break   Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:37 pm

Rai was relaxing on the soft grass of the training ground. It was a day off of fighting and training all day. Rai never knew how it feels to take a break to do nothing but stare in the clouds. Rai tilt his head on the grass "man just chilling out here feel so good" he muttered to himself. Rai stare up in the sky watching as the clouds slowly went by. Rai was as steady as the cloud itself taking things slow as there was nothing else to do on this boring day.

Rai felt the cold breeze through his dark hair as he knew it was soon about to get windy. As the sun started to set the day was almost at a end. Rai wanted to get up and go back to his apartment, but this relax day only come once in a ninja life. He stretch his arm out as he got tired of just laying out here on the ground all day. "well in surprise nothing bad happen today" he said as he begin to yawn. Rai was space out on the ground he known tomorrow wasn't going to be like this wonderful day.
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Forgotten One
Forgotten One

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PostSubject: Re: taking a break   Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:45 pm

Loki was doing his own thang trying to track down the little shit that saw his face earlier. He was in a good mood and let him live but now that his mood has turned towards the dark side he decided he needed to take his anger out on the boy. It wasn't going to take long to take care of the mess he made but it was still troublesome nonetheless. He had only been searching for about an hour before he recognized the boy laying on the ground and started his pursuit. With a quick little burst of speed he was standing over the boy.

"I've been looking for you... It took an hour... Now you have to die."

Loki pointed his index finger at the kid and was getting ready to kill him of course he was going to give him a slight head start first so it wouldn't be too easy but with his mood already quite foul it wasn't going to be long before he fired his gun. Something about this kid was just annoying but Loki couldn't quite put his finger on it. Either way he was going to kill him and it wouldn't matter
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PostSubject: Re: taking a break   Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:58 pm


Rai had no time to react to the man quickness as he saw the man already above him. Rai wasn't going to give up that easy as he started to chuckle "so how should this happen you think you can just come here and kill me so easy" he said. Rai activated his byakugan as he knew he would need it for a tough opponent. Rai jump 7 feet back away from the man to get a chance to get a hit on the man with the robes. Rai wasn't prepared to get into an conflict but he had no choice.

Rai remember from the last time how powerful this man was from the last battle. "i will give you a chance to walk away with your head still attach to your body" he said as he was bluffing. Rai hand turn into a fist as he knew there was only way to win is with more violence. As he ran up to the man with his right hand up aiming at his stomach. Rai came at the man even do there was no possible to defeat this overpowered man.

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PostSubject: Re: taking a break   

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taking a break
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