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 Shizuka Marikawa

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PostSubject: Shizuka Marikawa   Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:32 pm

Name: Shizuka Marikawa

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Description: Shizuka is almost a mirror copy of her mother, Scarlet, and has been told that she looks much like her father as well. Her mother happened to be a very attractive woman, and Shizuka as a result is as well. Her hair is what she would have obtained from her father who had  black, long, wavy and velvety hair. Her hair reaches all the way down to the midpoint of her back, then at front it is kept swept back, showcasing most of her foreheads save for a few lose strands. She has a round face, brown, bright eyes, slim lips along with a very straight nose.

Standing at 6'2", Shizuka is a very tall woman, by mostly any womanly standards, as well standing taller than even the average male. Her height is the one thing she doesn't share with her mother who is tall, but is still rather short in comparison being only 5'11". Matching with her height she is heavy by most women's standards, although for her height she is almost underweight, weighing 156 lbs. She has naturally very ample breasts, large enough to occupy bras within the G cup range, her hips and waists, match up well with the large size of her breasts, with her overall measurements being B100-W60-H90. Even with her rather curvaceous figure, her best physical features is her legs. Her height pronounces her legs well making them longs and slender. As mentioned, she is almost underweight though, and it shows by her flat stomach and her slender legs.

Her typical attire consist of a her wearing a short sleeve, high collared leather vest which is usually her favorite color, purple, but she would occasionally wear different colors. The vest has a zipper running along the center, from the bottom all the way up to the collars, which she keeps unzipped just to the bottom of her breasts, revealing a lot of cleavage. On lower ends she wears a side tied pink sarong which has designs of flowers. She wears the sarong in a lower form wear it hangs around her hips than her waist, then it usually would revealing most of her long legs since there would always be a split. The loose material she favors because it awards er flexibility and sexuality. On her feet she would either wear plumps or sandals of varying colors. For underwear she doesn't wear any with this outfit, as well as far accessories and jewelry go, she usually carries with her sunglasses. When she needs to carry items since her outfit doesn't offer her much storage spaces she would carry by hand or by bag. She usually doesn't wear her ninja head bang, but when she does she would replace her sunglasses and have it on her fore head. She does have a ninja pack, but she prefers not to wear it since she isn't much of a fighter. When she does carry it though she would keep it strap to which ever thigh her sarong isn't covering.

Personality: When most people meet Shizuka they have the same view of the type of person she is. And that description is that she is the perfect person. By perfect they mean that the woman practically excels at everything she does. She can try out for something for the first time and be extremely competent in it from the get go.

While most calm and mature persons, tend to be very stoical or stern, Shizuka is in no way that type of woman. She is actually a extremely positive person, and most people can tell because of the fact that she typically is seen sporting a soft smile at her lips. She basically prefers to see the brighter side of life whatever the circumstance, and as such this basically always puts her in a happy mood.

While Shizuka's level of positiveness and happiness would typically involve person being extremely bubbly or peppy like a child, Shizuka is in no way like that. Her best trait, even when considering all her aforementioned ones and later mentioned, is her maturity which is brought about by her positive outlook. Getting the woman angry, scared, or to experience any other emotion than happiness, is not easily done as she remains calm under mostly any situation. Even when angry most people would have fail to recognize it as she keeps it to a low level. She generally isn't the type of woman to stand out in a crowded room other than cause of her appearance.

Her level of maturity does somewhat have people feel like she is almost detached though. True enough she is always positive, but the woman tends not to speak unless spoken to and most times she is rather reserved from others. This is mostly true enough since the woman does have a very cold demeanor to her. She isn't the type person to cry over matters or whenever she does show signs of sympathy, while she always genuinely mean it, it is always so subtle that most thinks she doesn't mean it. So more so she rather has a problem expression her feelings physically.

While almost perfect, she isn't without her few quirks that make her imperfect or even strange. For one, while she may seem "classy" to most, she has one quirk that makes her less of a lady in waiting and she usually doesn't hang around the type of crowd most would expect. That is the fact that she is a almost compulsive drinker. She drinks more alcohol than most experienced drunkards do. This doesn't easily make her drunk because of the nature of her clan, but when she doesn't become intoxicated she can be a bit "wild". Her drinking habit is somewhat because of her clan, but she herself has stated she loves alcohol genuinely, so it is actually a not so compulsive decision.

She also can be very clumsy at times. This is another something that most people are surprised to hear about as she always seem so poised. This clumsiness usually showcases itself whenever she drinks. She isn't the absent minded type of clumsy, but more so the mis fortunate type of clumsy, which involved her typically doing things that leads to sequence of events.

Her clumsiness, toppled with her positivity, most would say she has a very childish mentally. This is mostly true as she can be immodest and has a bad habit of following others. She basically does whatever a person request of her, as long it doesn't involve risking her life in anyway.

Rank: Chuunin

Village: Sunagakure

Character history: Shizuka was born on March 19th. To say that her birth was a joy to both her parents would be wrong. Yes, her mother was overjoyed to have her, but her father had died four months into her mother's pregnancy. Her mother, willing to move on to some extent, dated, but never did start a full time relationship since then, so pretty much Shizuka grew up knowing only one real parent.

Regardless of being a single parent family, Shizuka's life wasn't filled with any real hardships. Her mother's family, the Doku Clan, were a very scattered clan, so they weren't very reliant. But her father's side of the family, having grown a strong liking for her mother even after her father's passing, were more than helpful to them. Regardless, even without the help of family, her mother, who was a well accomplished kunoichi, was a good provider and so the hands out from family was never really needed. Regardless, whatever hands out family gave her mother would put it away for Shizuka's own future in the long run.

Her mother being a ninja, Shizuka did somewhat inevitably get involved in it when she was only six years. Her mother didn't push her into, and actually wanted her to be a a simple civilian, but out of curiosity Shizuka picked it up and her mother supported her. To her it was pretty much a side hobby though and so she continued her studies academically at a normal schooling. Whenever she felt like it she would pretty much do a few ninja practices, to which her mother would help her with, and so, while she had the book smarts and battle smarts, to be a good ninja like her mother, she only grew at a below average pace.

Academically, she succeeded though. In school she pretty much had all that mattered at such a tender age: beauty which had actually won her a school pageant the one time she entered and charisma enough for her to have her own "clique" even though she disliked the discrimination of it all. Along with these though, she was blessed with extremely intelligence as she was always first in her class and talent, having represented her school in mostly everything. It was for all of this that she was pretty much considered the perfect student, or some even considered her the perfect person.

After she had graduated college, having had all her tuitions paid because of her outstanding performance, Shizuka went to college. True the craziness of it all, whether it be partying or the classes, Shizuka never had a problem being a A student in college as well. During college her ninja training with her mother did stop for the two years though, albeit in college she furthered the mild attraction she had developed towards medicine back in high school.

After graduated college, Shizuka had mostly felt like she had done it all somehow. While she had studied doctoring, she never did feel the need to become the doctor since she had only really picked it up for fun and to help occasionally not professionally. Instead, Shizuka decided to further her career as a ninja and pretty much become competent in as much things as she possibly could. Her age had had them test her immediately when she had tried to enroll in the academy. The skill she displayed, and how valuable she proved in the medical field, had had them assign her chuunin rank.


  • Protect the village.
  • Find a cure for any sickness.


Face Claim: One Piece - Nico Robin

RP Sample: Laterz

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PostSubject: Re: Shizuka Marikawa   Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:06 pm

there are currently no jounin spots available. There is however a chuunin spot available in Suna other wise you will have to start as genin.
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PostSubject: Re: Shizuka Marikawa   Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:22 pm

Sorry but we are currently not allowing entrance to Konoha as they its going to be destroyed soon. Because you didn't know this Im not asking you to make any edits other than village.

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Baka Naruto
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PostSubject: Re: Shizuka Marikawa   Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:19 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Shizuka Marikawa   

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Shizuka Marikawa
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