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PostSubject: Mission: come here fluffy!!!!!   Mission: come here fluffy!!!!! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 12, 2013 7:18 pm

Dazron usually didn't like to take lame mission as the one he on right now. Atleast he had company his team mate Judai as they search around Kirigakure. "hmm if I was a cat were would I be" he wondered as he look up on the high buildings. As Dazron walk around he couldn't find a single clue to where the cat could be he had no idea since he not really a cat person. Dazron a old lady walk near them "what are you young gentlemen doing on a fine day" she said with a soft voice.

"were looking for a cat name fluffy" he said with a smirk on his face. The lady stared as at us with devilish eyes as 50 cats came from behind her. "that cat beat me in every competition" she said in a deep voice. The cats came closer as Dazron back up "Judai you look for the cat while I beat this crazy lady" he said. The cats jump around him with speed and agility as with there claws out ready to scratch him. "kill him kill him no mercy" the old lady said. The cats attack him as his cloth started to rip from the claws of the cat. Dazron ran as the cats chase him down the streets"these cats are crazy" as the cats catch up to him.

Dazron look back as one of the cats jump on his face "get it off me"!. He went around yelling for someone to help him as more cats jump on him. Dazron tried to kick them off him but it was didnt work. Dazron jump up shaking a few of the cats off him punching each on of the cats as they land on the ground. "wow this might actually be a challenge" he said breathing hard. 20 cats surrounded him as they all rush in at once ripping even more part of his cloth. Dazron slam the cats off him knocking them around the place.

"this is so not worth it" he said running as a cat still attach to his back. Dazron didn't intend to use justus just to beat some useless cats. He stumble across another cat as there were 15 of them left. He ran up to as many cats he can stomping them on the ground"hope this doesn't count as animal cruelty" ) he said. He look back as the old lady came right at him"I'm you going to freaking kill you" the lady said with a low toned voice. Dazron went up to the lady as she tried to hit him but was no match for his skills as he trip the old lady to the floor pinning her down "hope Judai will find the cat" he said.
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Mission: come here fluffy!!!!!
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