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D-Rank Rogue

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PostSubject: Sharigan Training    Sharigan Training  Icon_minitimeSun Sep 15, 2013 4:19 pm

Briallen found herself lost in the Suna desert once more after she was separated from the medical Suna ninja. The climate quickly changed from boiling heat to freezing cold in a matter of hours, and she wasn’t dressed for the rapid change in climate but she had to continue moving, she needed to find the Suna ninja or at least find some shelter from this horrible weather. “Kuma-chan!! Where are you Kuma-chan!” She bellowed every five minutes, hoping he would somehow pop up and run towards her but it was futile. Her pain threshold had finally reached its limit as she fell on the ground unable to get up, she had been walking for miles on her sprained ankle and her body had deicide it couldn’t take anymore, “Kuma-chan!!” She bellowed yet again, her voice echoing in the endless void which was the sand desert, only the howl of wolves and the sounds of god knows what burrowing through the sand responded to her bellowing, there was no Kuma to save her again, she was the only one out here. She would try to stand up yet again but would only fall back to the ground, screaming in pain. Tears would begin to flow from her eyes unto the sand as she couldn’t help the feeling that this was it for her, everything she did up to now was a failure and she wouldn’t be able to get the one true thing she wanted in life, to see her parents once more, her life was a living hell since they disappeared and she couldn’t help but think that she was the reason she why they left, she was a burden.

Briallen would lay there unable to get up, her eyes red and swollen from crying for twenty minutes nonstop, and she had sand in places that she didn’t even know of. Footsteps would be heard approaching where she was and she instantly flipped around, “Kuma-chan? Oh thank god you found me-” Her new found happiness was short lived however when she realized it was Kuma who stumbled upon her lying in the sand, but it was someone else. “Well, well look what we have here, it’s a bit too late to be sun bathing don’t you think lass?” The hugely burly man said while looking over her body, His massive size casted a shadow over her, and he had dark desire in his eyes. Briallen would quickly get up and stood up straight, the mind numbing pain coursing through her body but she didn’t let it show, or at least tried to.  “I just lost my pair of earrings is all” She nervously stuttered as she clearly intimidated by the size of the man. “We’ll help you look for them then.” Another man said as he held her waist from behind and began to rub his hands all over her body. “No thanks, I already found them! Now if you excuse me, I’ll be going”, but she wouldn’t reach far as the giant man’s hand held on to hers completely engulfing it. “Nah, you should stay with us, me and my gang hadn’t had the company of a woman in so long! And I’m inviting you to have dinner with us.” The man’s voice boomed whenever he spoke and his eyes gave off such an eerie look it sent chills up her spine. “I’m not hungry…” She said quietly as she knew whatever she said was futile and she knew the outcome of what was to come. The other man would grab her breasts and began fondling her, “Please…don’t…” She whimpered as she tried to wiggle away from the man but she noticed that struggling only excited them both. “She feels great boss! Let’s just have her here and bring the leftovers to the boys!” The man said hungrily as he rubbed against her squeezing her breasts, sniffing her body like a dog in heat. The burly would laugh at his partner’s eagerness to get down to business. “You know I should have the first go.” The man said releasing her arm. “Aww come on boss, I already have her tits in my hand!”  Briallen would use this moment of distraction to her advantage, as they continued to bicker about who would have their way with her first, she would turn and deliver a powerful kick between the man’s thighs and ran from the both of them. The burly man would simply laugh at his partner’s pain and threw kunai at her ankle which ironically was her sprained one. She would fall for a moment and but got back up immediately determined to get as far away from her was possible. But wouldn’t get far enough. She wouldn’t know what happened but an object of tremendous force had hit her in the back of her head causing her to fall face first in the sand, unable to move not one muscle in her body. “Aww boss, you killed her!”  The slender man said holding his crotch. “Well, dead or alive Jimmy, she’s still giving it up”

Briallen awoke on a table with a splitting headache in the middle of a make shift camp, naked. She would grab a cloth she laid on, which was soaked in blood to cover herself with. Her sharingan scanning the area, but there was no one there, they had left. Tears flowed from her eyes as she could only imagine what horrible things they had done to her. “Why….me……” she whispered as the first tomoe in her eye shifted giving room for the second.

Required Word Count: 800
Word count : 929
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D-Rank Rogue
D-Rank Rogue

Posts : 28
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PostSubject: Re: Sharigan Training    Sharigan Training  Icon_minitimeMon Sep 16, 2013 4:21 pm

The smell of blood and alcohol stained her body as she laid in her own waste on a crooked three legged table in the middle of nowhere. Unable to move with being in immense pain, she groaned as she forced her to sit up on the table. With her sharingan activated she scanned the area lazily searching if there was anyone left in the camp left to help her, or harm her, but it was empty, they had their way with her and just upped and left her on this poorly constructed table, naked wallowing in her own blood and self pity. She would slowly get up off the table and tried to stand on her own feet but this was instantly accompanied by light headedness and nausea. She took one step forward and fell to the ground, forgetting her sprained ankle, which seemed to have gotten worse thanks to the men who mutilated her. Wiping the sand from her face, she would look up and see a table with food on it, though it was a littered with flies and had rats feasting on what was left, indicating that the food was there for days. Just how long was she here? She would slowly crawl over towards the table and flipped it over so she could reach the food, and even though the food was soaked in blood and sand in her current state she didn’t care, she felt weak and hungry. She quickly stuffed the rancid food down her throat, she didn’t chew just swallowed each piece of bread, rotten vegetable and what looked like meat but was actually a dead rat, no plate was left unturned. The food that she ate would quickly come back out as her body rejected the horrible food causing her to retch all over the ground and herself. “Why….why is this happening to me”, she said as tears ran down her cheeks, this was truly the worst night of her life. She would slowly rise from the ground and staggered towards the camp exit but instantly felt light headed and passed out.

Briallen awoke to the stinging rays of the desert sun beating against her skin. Feeling slightly less dirty and used, she would rise from the ground and began searching the camp for something suitable to wear; hopefully there would be clothes from the other women they had their way with or her clothes. After searching through all of the huts, she would only find three pieces of clothing. A black cloak with numerous holes in it, a torn white t-shirt and her black mini-skirt, well what was left of it. There were no sign of her underwear, which was probably taken as a trophy and her pouch filled with her ninja tools and accessories. She would however find her sewing kit and a torn curtain, and she would use the latter to create makeshift underwear and patched up the holes and rips in the clothing she found in the hut. “This will have to do….” She said as she got dressed. Armed with a piece of stick to act as support for her broken ankle and her newly created clothes she heading for the exit, the sooner she left this place the better.
Trudging through the never ending desert once more, Briallen was tormented with images from what had happened that night, scenes of countless number of men helping themselves to her body, treating her if she was some object, a whore. The desert had been cruel to young Briallen, with the except of meeting Kuma, nothing good came out of being in the Land of Wind, she fell from a cliff, twisted her ankle, nearly got eaten by a giant sand lizard, got caught up in a sand storm which separate Kuma and herself and now this had happened, seems like she was better off dead, maybe suicide was the best option for her, but it was clear that if she didn’t have the guts to take her own life, she would surely perish in the desert. Maybe you were better off dying back there. Briallen would quickly turn around a bit startled at the what she had heard, “W-Who’s there? Come on out! ”, but there was no one there, in fact the only thing in that surrounded her was sand, and nothing else. She had lost many things during her time in the desert, her pride and her innocence being amongst them and now it seems that her sanity would go as well. Left foot, stick, right foot. This was the order in which she travelled slowly through the desert, she wanted to call for Kuma, but she knew he wouldn’t come, he probably didn’t even search for her and headed back to his village, after she wasn’t a shinobi, she was just a burden, to him and everyone else.
After hours of traveling she had finally come across a cave and decided to spend the rest of the night there, like the first cave she came across in Suna, it was oddly cool and it was a welcomed change of scenery. It would seem she had a change of fortune as the swelling on her ankle had gone down and she was able to walk on it again. Consumed by the thought of vengeance and frustrated about the unbreakable cycle of misfortune she decided it was finally time for her to become the one thing she thought she was incapable of, being a shinobi. For months she trained to polish her skills and attempted to master the power of her sharingan, in the day she practiced her techniques on the various sand lizards that wandered through the desert, and at nights she would ambush unsuspected travelers and caravans, for whatever they had, be it food or money, she took it all. The cycle of training and robbery would continue for weeks until she would find herself in an interesting situation.
Briallen hid behind a rock waiting to jump the unexpected traveler, she had tracked his movements for weeks on end and finally had the chance to take him down, but before she could someone had beaten her to it. “Yeah we got her Jimmy! She isn’t as sexy as the last bitch but she should do!”, a man with a rather high pitched voice said, “Yeah, the boss got first dibs last time but I’ll take this one!”. Briallen automatically recognized the voice and was instantly consumed by rage. Using their sexual desire to her advantage she would silently drop in on both men, and slashed the first one’s throat. The sound of his partner gagging would cause the one known as Jimmy, to release the woman and rush towards Briallen but she would react quickly by kicking sand in his face and hit him three times in his Adams apple causing him to cough up blood.”Who are you…” each word he said caused him more pain and seeing that gave Briallen great joy, she would remove her hood and showed the man her face but he had little time to react as she quickly ran her kunai through the man’s stomach, he would push her off but wouldn’t get far as she placed an explosive tag on his back. It would detonate when he reached a considerable distance away from staining the sand with his blood. “One down.... ” Her second tomoe would shift and gave birth to the third.

Required Word Count: 1100
Word Count: 1244
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Sharigan Training
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