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Byakuran Kaguya
Byakuran Kaguya

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PostSubject: 1st gate training    1st gate training  Icon_minitimeSun Sep 15, 2013 4:26 pm

Byakuran stood at the training area awaiting his brother to show up. Byakuran stood in the training ground. Sighing once again he had to make sure he was alone. No sensei, no annoying teammates, and most importantly... no animals. Some reason the animals had been out of their homes and been following Byakuran almost everywhere he went. Even to the bathroom and that was really weird. The wind blew across the training field as Byakuran began to come up with a stance. It wasn't anything special but it was something considering Byakuran was learning on his own and not with a sensei. As far as he was concerned, she wouldn't have been much help anyway. She meant well but his research told him that she would be ill-suited to a student with his.... difficulties.

Sighing Byakuran began to kick at the wooden dummies. The sound of his leg colliding with the wood at the steady pace was soothing, but only to Byakuran. The bushes behind him rustled. Byakuran didn't notice it at first but once he felt something bore into his back he turned around. There he saw his brother, he was twice the size of a Byakuran and one could say twice as strong.

“Finally, what took you so long?”

“Wanted to see if you were still were on your game, alright you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to learn a new technique. The technique is called 1st Gate - Kaimon (Gate of Opening)”

“How do I-”

Byakuran didn’t have a chance to really ask because his brother had already begun to move. The Kaguya clan had didn’t have a set way of teaching things everything was learned through battle. Nothing was Byakuran was lifted his arms to guard against his brother but he would have none of that. His brother would lunged for Byakuran’s ankle. His long fingers would curl around Byakuran’s ankle as he lifted him by his ankle and threw the younger Kaguya. Byakuran would fly into a tree before molding his chakra so that he could pull a bone blade from his shoulder. His brother was faster at moving though. He would pull out his spine and use it as a whip. First he would disarm Byakuran by pulling out the bone blade out of Byakuran’s body before Byakuran could use it.

Byakuran cursed as he winced from the bone being pulled out of his body. Byakuran knew that his brother was faster and stronger than him due to their difference in rank. Byakuran needed to find a way to beat him.

Byakuran’s brother didn’t let up, he began to use the whip to cut at Byakuran’s skin. Byakuran cringed as each strike would pierce and cut up his skin. The pain was almost unbearable, especially when it wasn’t stopping and the pain had no intervals of rest. Each cut was replaced with a new one. Byakuran tried to grab the whip, but the whip was moving so fast when he caught it, it just cut his hand. Byakuran tried everything in the book to stop the whip. He tried grabbing it multiple times, he tried using his chakra to reinforce his hand to withstand the cuts. Nothing worked he just sat there taking the whip. His brother just looked at him. His face was filled with disappointment. His little brother could grasp a technique as easy as this. Sighing he stated,

“I guess you can’t learn this technique. Such a waste of my time. Sad even a yuki clan member would be able to learn an easy technique as this, hard to imagine you’re even a Kaguya.”

His words stung. Not only because he was a kaguya, but because someone who came from a clan that was ninjutsu based could learn a technique he was apparently having trouble with. Not only that his brother even said Byakuran wasn’t even worth the time… It stung. Byakuran had stopped moving taking the continuous punishment from his brother. It hurt, but not as much as his brothers words. Byakuran tried to find the will to get up, to fight back, but it was in vain. Every time he got up he was knocked down. he wouldn’t get a chance to get up. The Kaguya weren’t that kind.

Byakuran tried to circulate and gather as much chakra together. If he was going to keep up with his brother he needed to be able to keep up with his brother’s movements. At the moment he couldn’t keep up with his brothers movement. As he felt his chakra reach his head he found that it was being blocked by something. Was this a chakra gate? Byakuran didn’t have time to figure out exactly what it was or what it did. At this point it was life and death, it wasn’t uncommon for Kaguya’s to accidentally kill someone in the midst of battle. Pushing all the chakra he could through that small blockade, Byakuran found his mind open. The whip seemed to move in slow motion and Byakuran found himself able to avoid it, moving his head he swiftly avoided the whip. Seeing his little brother dodge the one whip, The older Kaguya drew his other spine whip and began to use both of them in tandem to cut down Byakuran.

Unfortunately at this point Byakuran had already gotten up and begun moving. In a moments notice he was already at his brother. Bringing his fist upward and moving in a spiralling motion he gave his brother an uppercut. Instinctively his brother’s bone armor popped out. Byakuran didn’t stop though. And it was too slow Byakuran’s fist had smashed into his brother’s jaw before he could even realize what had happened. Byakuran’s brother didn’t go flying, nor did he get knocked out. He merely looked at Byakuran after moving his head back into place, the impact did cause him to look upwards. He smiled at him and kicked Byakuran in the chest. Sending Byakuran back into the tree. He lifted both whips and said, “Again.”

Byakuran smiled. He must have figured it out, or at least come close. Pushing off with his right foot he began to head toward his brother.

Required: 700
Word count: 1055
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1st gate training
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