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PostSubject: Xenxus Izaya    Xenxus Izaya  Icon_minitimeMon Sep 16, 2013 4:19 pm

Name: Xenxus Izaya

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Description: Xenxus hair is grown out and his hair is instead adorned with fewer feathers and beads in a native american style. He also has tattooed a black Roman numeral X to both his shoulders rather than just one. His boots are laced up with exaggerated fold-over cuffs. He stands at 6' 3 and weights around 150lbs. He also wears a uniform jacket on his shoulders, much like a cape. He matches it with a white dress shirt, black pants, and a loosely knotted tie.

While in disguise he is a tall, very muscular man with long black hair that is braided into two large bangs on each side of his face. During his first appearance, because the headband constantly shaded his eyes, he appeared very cruel. he wears Native American robes with a red headband. The headband has two large feathers in the side and a white pattern. He has five silver rings on his right hand, each shaped like one of his five totem spirits.

Personality: He is a very calm person. Or rather he has the ability to keep his emotions in check. He was once cruel and ruthless, and shows no mercy to enemies and allies alike. Initially, he showed no remorse or sadness when his subordinates died, as he only saw them as disposable tools. Once he lost his brother, he began to care more for human life and became much kinder but one thing about him never changed. Even as calm as he is he always demands respect, he does it without words. He merely radiates the power that demands respect. While Xenxus has become alot less cruel over the years he hasn't  lost his fangs. He is more than willing to deal with a problem when it arises. Prepared to back down to no one, not even a kage.

Rank: Forgotten One

Village: Sunagakure

Character history:

(Official history known by Shinobi who look at Xenxus' file)
Xenxus was born a young shinobi, bred for battle. The hospital where he was born in was attacked on the day of his birth. The assault that was done by the bandits around the area, they wanted something that was in the hospital. A shinobi who could give a certain tattoo to others. Once that could allow a shinobi to use one of the most powerful forms of lightning chakra. A shinobi who could bestow the power of the sand. One that could rival the power of shikakku.

Years later Xenxus became a genin. He was the top of his class, one could say he could do whatever he set his mind to. Whether it would be learning Taijutsu, Ninjitsu, or even genjutsu. Xenxus accelerated at it. He learned it, but never could he truely grasp to master it. Probably because he was never truely interested in such things. As a child he mostly wanted to spend his time playing with friends rather than actually train or work on his ninjutsu. He was a boy with talent. A diamond in the rough. He spent his genin days lazing around... Though that all changed when he became a chunin.

As a chunin everything changed, War happened in the desert. Between who Xenxus didn't know. All he knew was that everyday was filled with battle. Men and Women dying, blood being spilt. Everyday Xenxus took the life of someone he didn't know. As he fought in the war he felt something change inside of him. He felt a darkness grow inside of his heart. It changed him. Who were they before he killed them? What kind of lives did they lead? So many questions would spiral in his head as he fought them. It only seemed that he was only gaining a dark hatred of those around him. But one thing was certain at the time. It was kill or be killed and unfortunately for them, Xenxus wanted to live. And live he did, fighting during those days... he slowly made a name for himself. As the king of the dead. During that time he had developed his sand element ninjutsu in order to create statues of those he killed and used them as servants. Due to his style of fighting he became known as the lord of the sand.

During the war he met a few shinobi from different places. Some who were strong, some who were weak but very few of them stood out. Except for one, a konoichi... While Xenmus never got her name he knew just how powerful she was. The few times that they fought on the battlefield whether against or with eachother they both were usually the last one standing. Xenmus would say that she might have been his first love but doesn't say much about her other than she was the first to really challenge him. Unfortunately during one of their encounters he lost his brother. He was impaled through the chest. At the end of the war Xenmus was promoted to jounin and he became abit less publically known.

Not much is known about what Xenmus did during his time after becoming a jounin. All they know is that he stopped showing up in the village and slowly most people forgot about him. That is,  a leader of one of the desert tribes had been assassinated. Some said that Xenmus was there when it happened. Some didn’t believe it. Then came the second sighting of Xenmus attacking a caravan that was leaving the village. Though no one could really figure out if it was really him or not. but the last sighting which his identity was confirmed was his hand at the death of the Anbu leader of Sunagakure. Afterwards he dissapeared from the sand village.


  • Start his own village
  • Find his way in life

Xenxus face:


Face Claim: Xanxus- Hitman reborn
Silva- Shaman King

RP Sample: (Optional)
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PostSubject: Re: Xenxus Izaya    Xenxus Izaya  Icon_minitimeSat Sep 28, 2013 1:10 am

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Xenxus Izaya
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