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 Saori Mikashima

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PostSubject: Saori Mikashima   Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:51 pm

Name: Saori Mikashima

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: Saori is a 5'4" girl at about 112 lbs. She has a dark brown eye color and has beautiful light purple hair with shades of green-colored bangs. She ties her hair up with two green ribbons to form four ponytails, but lets them flow downwards on her face,  evidently marking the quantity and wildness of her hair. Saori has large brown eyes and has a wide, wonderful smile; both making up her happy and outgoing nature as a Kirigakure girl. Saori has a rather slim body with a medium build and wonderful body curves. She has small breasts (not flat, though). Her body is very proportional (nothing is out of place). Saori's arms and legs are of average length for a 14-year old girl.

As far as clothing goes, she can dress differently each day but generally wears a multi-colored long-sleeved shirt or blouse. The sleeves are white, the neck collor is yellow, the rest of the shirt is green, but with four red stripes going across it. She rolls the sleeves up, anyway. Her headband is right on her right shoulder area. She wears a red skirt that goes down her knees and bright blue shorts (or maybe she omits the shorts). She wears sandals. Her ninja pouches are attached to her legs, between the knee and hip area. Her panties are purple.

Personality: Saori is a very peppy, outgoing girl. She is very active in her village's affairs and has a small reputation for being everywhere at once, typically popping out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation. She is an admirer of natural beauty both in the environment and in humans. She is very much attracted to depressed, vulnerable souls, who she finds in herself a duty to heal. Saori likes to converse and is a flirty kunoichi. She has a habit of poking fun at men playfully and sexually, and would even lift up her skirt to turn them on [kunoichi tactic #1). She's not above playing dirty. Saori is a grand encourager of team spirit in Kirigakure. Saori fosters determination within her generation of shinobi.

Saori loves the wonders and methods of science, particularly biology. Her favorite subject is the study of viruses and she's bedazzled by how one can plant these infectious agents in your body to screw up your cells. True to her playful nature, she likes to practice with illusions and tricks. A growing headstrong girl, Saori has a massive ambition and desire to attain the top social status - whatever it may be. At the top of the class in the village, she does not have to worry about poverty, legacy, or having to achieve things to confirm her existence. Because of this inner greed, she can be easily bribed or persuaded. Saori can be squirmy when yer do things she doesn't like.

Rank: Genin

Village: Kirigakure

Character history:

Her Birth and Childhood:
She was born under the night of the moon to Sorata Mikashima and Mashiro Shina. Her mother was a respected Chunin while her dad ran a flower and a clothes shop, but also worked as a researcher of "genetics". Her parents allowed her to wander around and scream about. They did not have many rules and allowed her to be wild, but they did teach her some traditional manners and noble politeness that would develop into her own code of morality and kindness. Growing up under the constant influence of her father, she was exposed to his passion for experimentation and the observations that he made. His research into genes and cells lead him to observe viruses. Through his virus research, he was able to develop the groundbreaking idea of sending genetic-carrying particles into people to create various effects.

Of course she didn't understand any of this. Rather, she developed an interest after meeting with a band of illusionists who performed magic shows under the mist. She was enrolled in the Academy and practiced genjutsu there. She had a decent ability with it, which grew stronger the more she practiced. Eventually, Saori got analytical of the mechanis of genjutsu. Her exploration and "taking apart" of what made genjutsu what it is opened her curiosity and problem-solving skills. By breaking down her understanding of genjutsu, she was able to relate to the basics of microbiology and understand it better.

Her Graduation:
She spent 4 years in the Academy, eventually graduating to be a Genin at the age of 10. She knew basic Ninjutsu, had engaged in some Taijutsu sparring, but mostly had the highest marks in genjutsu. She would go around classrooms, performing tricks and manipulating people's chakra flows to induce illusions. This would often to lead to time-outs from Chunin instructors who were much better than that and could sniff out her illusions right on the spot. She was particularly very good at handseals.

Her family had suffered some financial setbacks. These problems often lead to talk of poverty in the family and frequent quarreling. There was a lot of pressure on her to take in as much missions as possible to earn money for the family. This planted a gut feeling inside Saori -a natural one. It was greed. It was jealousy, and it was ambition. She realized that money is what makes the world go around, and money is what makes people happy again. This would then develop to her desire to rise to the highest class in society.

Her Adolescence:
She has been with a Genin team for 4 years, with a few transfers here and there. She had marvelously developed her genjutsu ability, but is also sprouting a ninjutsu talent. She had been working with her father in his virus research and inherit a lot of his skills. She learned to isolate genetic material and plant another in, inject it another person through needles, and allow the viral particles to grow inside of them - which can range from common colds to horrid rashes and small diseases. saori follows the kunoichi way.

Objectives: Become a strong and independent kunoichi
To attain high status in her village and be one of the "top women".
To marry


Face Claim: Isana Tachibana from Yumekui Merry

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Saori Mikashima   Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:03 pm

berry nice! approved.

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Saori Mikashima
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