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 Riko Shurajo

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PostSubject: Riko Shurajo   Mon Sep 23, 2013 6:42 pm

Name: Riko Shurajo
Nickname: Riko

Birth Date June, 11
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Origin/Place of Birth: Small village on the borders of Rain Country
Marital Status: Single

Village: (previosly Ame) Now Suna
Rank: Genin
Profession: Professional Pickpocket

Personal Information
Height: 5"10
Weight: 100 lbs
Blood Type: AB-
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair Color: Silvery White
Distinctive Marks: Riko has two different tattoos. Starting on the left shoulder is an angel wing which decends down to her lower back, and sticks out all the way to the end of her shoulder and side. On the right is a devils wing. It copies the Angel wing, it drops down to the same point, and goes out to the end of her shoulder and side.
Physical Appearance: Riko is a peculiar young girl. She is mostly average aside from the fact that she has more muscle than most girls her age. Her hair is as white as a cloud in a blue sky. She is slender, but as a ninja she must be athletic. Her muscles and physical side is well hidden underneath her thin, slender and curvy body. Her eyes are a light blue. Her voice is a very light and a higher tone, like most girls her age.
General Article[Clothing] Appearance: Riko is often seen wearing a small black tank top, that cuts short an inch above her belly button. Over that is usually a blood red short sleeved, fishnet shirt which goes down a bit farther than the tanktop. She wears black shorts which drop down to her knees. The shorts ending with a blood red stripe going around the bottom of the shorts. The shorts have blood red supsenders which Riko never uses, they usually just hang down on her sides.

Personality: Riko is an extremely outgoing person. She is a kind and gentle but she has a darkside. Riko doesn't have a split personality but she turns into a different person in certain situations. She switches from a kind person to a dark and mischievous assassin. She is always willing to see the brightest side in anybody. She never seems to keep her mouth shut. Her opinion is always changing and that includes her vision on right and wrong. She has a great sense of humor.

Phobia(s): Riko absolutely hates bats.


Riko was born in a small town by the border of Rain country. Her father was a genius of a man, a true tactioner and trusted member of the Shurajo family military that had branched out deeper into rain country. However when he had fell in love with and eventually married Riko's mother, who wasn't a Shurajo, he was removed from the military branch. The branch he was apart of only believed in true blooded Shurajo's. With nowhere else to go her father was forced to go back to Ame in shame. Riko was born no more than a year after they moved into Ame.

In the years to come, Riko learned the ways of a lady, her mother teaching her everything she needed to know about being proper and lady like. She was quite the little lady for a while, having tea parties and such. She found that her ears and tail had no actual use aside from looking cool. She never did see her father much. With him trying to make a living as a shinobi in Ame, he was always out on missions and when he was home, he was tired and sleepy or he was only home for a few minutes at a time. As Riko found herself missing her father more and more, she started to wish for some way for her to spend more time with her father.

In two years when she turned seven she got her wish. She had started showing signs that she was developing as a Shurajo. It was proven when she accidently killed her pet dog when it bit her. She learned quickly that her blood was poisonous to all non-shurajo's. This circumstance allowed her to train under her father, he being a magnificent tactitioner and man who know alot about the Shurajo clan.

Riko was learning from the best. Her father wasn't how she had always pictured him. He was a brutal man when it came down to fighting, he showed no mercy, he used everything in his arsenal. She still loved him though. In choosing her dad, she lost her mother. She was walking home from a late night grocery run when she was mugged for the paper in her purse. Riko was upset at first, her father even more so. She coped through her friends, her father not so much. Her father got his revenge quickly. He killed the man in cold blood, even though he had killed his wife, it was still man slaughter. He was thrown in prison.

With no family in the ouside world Riko took matters into her own hands. She enrolled in the acadamy, made friends, graduated and started her ninja career as soon as possible. She realized that she was older than most genin, but that could play out as an advanted for her. With her career in motion who knows what lies ahead of her.
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PostSubject: Re: Riko Shurajo   Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:12 am

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Riko Shurajo
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