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Forgotten One
Forgotten One

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PostSubject: Upwards and Onwards!!    Upwards and Onwards!!  Icon_minitimeMon Sep 23, 2013 9:04 pm

Loki and his companions had been traveling for almost a day now. Due to his migration technique traveling large distances was quite easy but they need to be on foot and they need to look the part for this part of the mission. Under the three cloaks were very powerful and also very spiteful shinobi who had taken it upon themselves to fulfill their dreams and make them reality in the process.

The rain started up once more which was to be expected as they were in Rain Country. Loki's boots were covered in mud and he could only imagine the others were the same. They finally came the top of a hill that the road covered. Loki came to a stop, the others stopping behind him as well. He dropped the pack onto the ground, the wet mud splattering around slightly as it landed with a thud. His deep voice was quiet but still easy to pick up if one was close.

"Alright now is the fun part. Grab some gear from the pack and get dressed. We are going to be pretending to be all that is left from Iwa the village hidden in the rocks. Our back story is we were on a confidential mission to secure some documents from Leaf ninja caravan, which I have here. They documents are a lists of teams that have made attacks upon Suna and Kiri trade and military caravans. The only reason we survived is because we came back after an attack. The village was littered with the bodies of our comrades and no others. Fortunately the leaf got sloppy and there was a dead leaf ninja hidden in a back alley. So our idea was to go to Kiri with this evidence and rally them into starting a war between the two, or if we are lucky Suna will join as well. The pack has Anbu gear and masks, I suggest wearing them."

Loki's looked up towards the sky the joker smile mask he wore was barely visable beneath his hood. He undead the button aroud his neck and threw the dark grey vest on completing his look, aside from the abnormal mask he was wearing. It was thicker than most and did a good job at shadowing his eyes from others.
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Forgotten One
Forgotten One

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PostSubject: Re: Upwards and Onwards!!    Upwards and Onwards!!  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 24, 2013 5:18 pm

Disguised before placing on the mask :

Xenxus stood in his usual native american disguise. He was behind Loki as they migrated to the water country. The reasoning was of no concern to Xenxus, but he had never been to the rain country before so he kept a eye out for his surroundings. The only thing that mattered to Xenxus was going through the mission so he could begin his agenda.

As they walked through the mud Xenxus found himself being covered in mud and dirt. He frowned, though it could not be seen under his robe. He had just gotten the thing dry cleaned. Guess that was thirty bucks down the drain. Sighing quietly he listened to the leader's report of the mission. Xenxus smiled. Looks like he was going to put a disguise over a disguise. Sounds redundant but Xenxus had worked to hard to allow himself to have to lose his current disguise if this mission went wrong.

Placing his hand in the pack he produced the gear and the mask. Bowing slightly he would dissapear from view of the others in order to allow himself a chance to change. Returning he still wore his own cloak over his newly acquired anbu gear. His mask was styled in the form of a bear. Xenxus even removed the bird feathers from his hair.
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Forgotten One
Forgotten One

Posts : 154
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PostSubject: Re: Upwards and Onwards!!    Upwards and Onwards!!  Icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 5:06 pm

Loki kept an eye out as the two changed into their disguises. As prior to his instructions the third of his followers was to track down the fourth. She left quietly and swiftly leaving just the two men alone in the rain country. To complete their disguise they would need to give themselves names to go by.

"Alright for the rest of our duration in Kiri I will be known as Tex. You can think of a name for yourself so for now lets continue our journey into Kiri. Oh and try to think of a back story for your disguise just in case."

With that final advice out in the open Loki started walking towards the village hidden in the rain. Hopefully he would be able to see the Mizukage that day but it may take some time. Luckily for him and maybe even those around him, that he is a patient man, or else he might've decided to forcibly confront the Mizukage. Of course he expected his talk to go well as after doing some research he found that the current Mizukage can have a temper. It should make for convincing her to go to war much smoother than expected. Of course this was all speculation and true outcome couldn't be guessed.
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PostSubject: Re: Upwards and Onwards!!    Upwards and Onwards!!  Icon_minitime

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Upwards and Onwards!!
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