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 Nara Shikatopu - FIN

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Nara Shikatopu

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PostSubject: Nara Shikatopu - FIN   Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:19 pm

Name: Nara Shikatopu

Age: 14

Gender: Male


The boy stands at roughly five feet-eight inches and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds. Most of his average height comes from his extremities and as a result make him look lankier than he actually is. A light complexion covers his skin that, aside from a few nicks and bruises, is mostly flawless. When not tied back into a short ponytail, Shikatopu's jet black hair falls down to about mid-ear level. Hazel eyes look upon the world as a small patch of freckles dot his face in various places.

In terms of clothing the boy dons a pair of blue cotton pants that stop about mid-shin and a mesh undershirt that is covered by a black, sleeveless shirt that has his clan's symbol on the back in white. He wears blue shinobi sandals and keeps his weapon pouch on his left backside, while his kunai holster is taped to his right leg. As is tradition with most Nara's, Shikatopu wears a pair of rounded stud earrings.


For the most part Shikatopu is a nice, care free guy who just wants to have fun. Unlike some of his other mundane clan members the boy isn't afraid to go out and have a good time. He enjoys meeting new people, or more specifically, finding new people to fight against. Honing his skills is a priority and the only way to accomplish such a feat is by training against live opponents. He often judges a person's value by how well they perform in battle though doesn't let that affect his overall attitude towards others. The Genin doesn't care much for lazing about and wasting the day when there is always something that a person could be doing to make their life more meaningful.

Rank: Genin

Village: Sunagakure no Sato

Character history:

Born into the peaceful yet well known Nara clan, Shikatopu enjoyed a relatively simple early upbringing. Both of his parents were shinobi but worked in greatly differing fields. His father was a Jounin who took on the usual duties of missions while his mother held a position in the village's hospital creating various antidotes that the Nara were known for, almost as much as their ability to manipulate shadows. While they had no intentions of making their son pursue a career in the military it was difficult to persuade him of other lines of work when they constantly told him of the exciting adventures they embarked on in missions, more so on his fathers side.

At the age of six Shikatopu was enrolled into the academy and began his rudimentary training to one day become a full fledged shinobi of Konohagakure. He was fairly adept at most of the subjects though didn't care all that much for the mental work that genjutsu entailed and stuck mainly to the field of ninjutsu. It was also around this time that his parents began to train him in the Nara's hiden of shadow manipulation. Though his skills were still green Shikatopu was able to grasp the concept without too much difficulty, though the strain it put on his low chakra reserves made it difficult to keep up training for long periods of time. However, as the years passed and the boy continued to learn his skill set grew as well, though talent in genjutsu was still lacking considerably.

Little did the boy know that his life was soon to be uprooted in dramatic fashion. Fearing that the legacy of their clan would be lost in the upcoming conflicts it was decided that he and his mother would move to Sunagakure and begin life there. Shikatopu wasn't happy with the idea at all but saw the logic behind it, even if it meant leaving behind most of his clan, friends, and most importantly his father. When he and his mother arrived at the Hidden Sand the boy was immediately enrolled into their academy and picked up more or less where he had left off, his higher intellect allowing him to make up for the lost study time with relative ease.

Thirteen, the year his first of many goals came to fruition. After passing the necessary tests Shikatopu graduated the academy and became a Genin. His dreams of going on exciting missions with his parents were shot down with the assignment of "busy work" D-rank missions, though he was assured that as time progressed the missions would become more meaningful. Along with these "missions", the boy continued to train in both general ninjutsu and taijutsu, as well as increasing his skill with the various shadow manipulation techniques. Now a year older Shikatopu is looking to take the next step in his life and advance to the rank of Chunin so that he may one day reach his ultimate life goal of becoming a Jounin.


+To become the head of the Nara Ichizoku

+Advance to the rank of Jounin


Face Claim:

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Forgotten One
Forgotten One

Posts : 154
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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikatopu - FIN   Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:25 pm

Well its a wonderfull app, but i need to ask if you want to join a different village? (still as a nara) only reason i ask is because Konoha is about to be destroyed. As a genin it is best if you start in a village but you if you do join you would just end up as a rogue unless you join a village after konohas destruction.
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Nara Shikatopu

Posts : 15
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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikatopu - FIN   Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:28 pm

Interesting. So if I change villages now would I be a rogue?
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Posts : 41
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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikatopu - FIN   Mon Sep 23, 2013 10:10 pm

no. the only way you would be a rogue is if you stuck with konoha. then after it gets destroyed you would be a rogue.

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Nara Shikatopu

Posts : 15
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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikatopu - FIN   Mon Sep 23, 2013 10:23 pm

Oh I see. Edited in another paragraph to explain why he moved.
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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikatopu - FIN   Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:08 am

Approved (Lol you never got approved for a while xD)
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PostSubject: Re: Nara Shikatopu - FIN   

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Nara Shikatopu - FIN
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