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 Lucy the Blood Maiden

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Forgotten One
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PostSubject: Lucy the Blood Maiden   Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:36 pm

Name: Lucy the Blood Maiden

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Description: Lucy is a very strange young women. Her traits stand out extremely, with her bold, crimson, almost glowing eyes. Her long, silky pinkish-red hair that flows freely down the length of her back. Body, standing at 5'6" and weighing about 123 lbs. Her skin fair and soft and a lively, lush tone, which only makes her beauty stand out even more. Her figure, toned and alluring, displays the elegant curves of a hourglass, with a slightly above average bust. Truly a women who drops men and women alike, dead...literally.

As for attire, Lucy often wears a variety of outfits. Her shinobi grab being a long black dress, wrapped with bandages at the abdomen. Sporting long sleeves that partly cover her hands slightly, the upper liner a stunning lace designed chain-mail, and thin shoulder straps. Underneath, short gray pants that stop at her knees, which meet the tops of her black plated, heeled boots. Keeping a standard weapon pouch on her right leg and pouches that hold clay at her sides. Her headband, fashioned almost in the style of a choker around her neck, baring the symbol of an old, forgotten village. It is also seen that she often wears various bandaging underneath her clothes. Some of which are used to cover various seals on her body, while the rest serves as just further coverage for her body.

Outside of her shinobi attire, Lucy wears clothes of a similar fashion. Elegant and dark. Often seen in black tops, with disconnected sleeves that hug her arms or tighter two pieces on tops and shorts, sporting the same sleeve like gloves that never cover her actual hands, for various reasons. She also tends to wear skirts from time to time, swapping her boots out only for heels or shorter variation of boots and shoes.

The last trait that stands out about Lucy, is the various fuinjutsu tattoos that practically cover her body. Various seals are located on each of her shoulders, her back, sternum, right and left sides of her rib cage, the insides of her wrists and last each of her finger tips. Each seal has a purpose in its own, though the most commonly used ones are those on her finger tips. Some of these seals are visible to the naked eye, while others are covered by clothes or various bandages. Some of the bandages that are used are also inscribed with various sealing, for various purposes.


Lucy is a cleaver and quick-witted young women, with a tongue like a snake and a direct way of approaching things. She is not afraid to speak her mind or express her feelings/inanities. She tends to be extremely ruthless and sadistic towards others and lacks empathy, killing without much concern. This being the case, she generally just skips the difficulties that people tend to cause and based on her very first reaction, killing them as a reflex. Lucy also has a tremendous blood lust, which just fuels her emotions and behaviors, which generally just bring upon more killing. It is a common occurrence for her to then "play" with her victims more, causing many lethal wounds, without finishing them off directly. This shows off her sadistic personalty even more so, as she will often just watch as "prey" bleeds out, dying slowly while suffering from tremendous amounts of pain. Though she takes great pleasure in such a 'show', if an adversary tends to become a threat or becomes boring, she will not hesitate to kill them.

Being the type of person Lucy is, in combination with her hatred for other people, she often doesn't consider others to be "real people". This leads to an inside joke, when she states that she "Has never killed anyone." despite the fact that in truth, she has killed hundreds. Another reference to such is the way Lucy sees adversaries. Treating them like prey and herself the predator, if they are strong, she will consider them "worthy prey" while weaker  subjects become "questionable prey". Anything lower in her eyes of "questionable prey" becomes a voided subject, who of which, Lucy won't even pay mind to, even when she kills them.

By every stand point, Lucy has proven time after time that is is far past point of unstable. Her emotions, behaviors and views are clear indications of her insanity, despite her wit. Though she can seem normal at times, just coming across as unfriendly and distant, but that can change in an instant. She is prone to painful and violent mental episodes that cover everything from hallucinations, voices, flashbacks, and total breakdowns and blackouts. She can also fall into a state of madness, in which her perception fades to a dream like state and reality seems to break down. It is during these times that she will just destroy everything around her, whether it be living or not. If combined with a state of blood lust, emotional rage, or both, the destruction can spread to even more devastating ranges.

Despite all the violence and destruction that Lucy causes, underneath all the hatred and insanity, is a women who has desires and feelings, though negative they remain. It is no secret that she is plagued by her past pain, sorrows and hatred. It is these very things that have created the demon that exists now. Certain traits however have changed within her, taking new form. An example of this is her love for art, as accustomed to those of the Bakugekiki clan. Granted, Lucy doesn't view art in the means of what she can create with her abilities, but rather the damage she can cause with her skills instead. It is also a well known fact that she loves watching things "go boom", which once again displays her sadistic personality, as there is nothing she loves more than watching a body explode and rain blood and flesh from the heavens. Another example is her love for music, often of a sorrow fueled tune. It is in fact,the only thing that can calm her down while having an unstable episode or relax in general when not.

In terms of herself, Lucy is a rather proud and strong individual. Shown while speaking her mind, regardless of "what" she is speaking to, Lucy never backs down. She'll even put herself in danger willingly, taking on missions or challenges on a whim, especially if it will allow her to mock the "things" that like to call themselves people. This usually tends to be applied with stronger adversaries, allowing Lucy to play with their heads a bit before skipping to the killing phase, as she gets such a kick out of the frustrations of others. This behavior gets even more outlandish while in a state of blood lust, which increases Lucy's urge to kill, but allow her amusement and desire to "play".

The last defining trait that pertains to Lucy's person, if an aspect that influences a lot of what she does, her blood lust. Sitting on the boundaries of obsession, Lucy's attraction to blood is in its own way, otherworldly. The feel of it flowing in between her fingers, its warmth, the smell that it fills the air with, it's gleaming dark red color, even it's bitter sweet taste. All of it just flips a switch in her that can send her body into a frenzy. Physical pain will provide a similar reaction. Loving conflict the fighting, Lucy gets riled up when placed in a state of physical pain, flipping on a switch within her that causes a lesser extent of pleasure, just like blood will. However, once the pain becomes too much, Lucy starts to stray away from it, searching for blood instead, seeking that pleasure once more. If a battle causes her to bleed herself, her blood lust will increase substantially, providing both stimulus'. If someone can provide her such a stimulus and an attraction, Lucy will even go as far as to seek out further forms of pleasure from them, which she has done in the past. Once such things are achieved and the lust leaves her, she will kill the one she is with and continue on.

Rank: Forgotten One (S-Rank)

Village: (which village your are from. Take note that some clans require you to start in a certain village)

Character history: They say time heals all wounds, but in some cases, this just isn't true. What is though, is that nothing lasts forever. The world of shinobi knew this very well, however it seemed like a total surprise when it happened. The shinobi world crumbled and of all the shinobi who didn't die, scattered across the land. Even in the long years to come, with no villages established, the shinobi lived on however they could. Many of which would even seek refuge in the destruction of their old lands. This would all change after time passed, when a new era for the shinobi once again came to be. Villages started to re-establish themselves again and many took up their lives within them. Not all shinobi could do as such though, which would be the case for Lucy.

Lucy was born in the damp, rainy country of Amegakure. A place that after the fall of the shinobi world of old, had become a refugee settlement of pure chaos. Born into a life of poverty, Lucy would be faced with difficulties that would lead her to making extremely difficult decisions, which would pale in comparison to the other obstacles she would face in life. The first being the death of her mother during child birth, leaving only her struggling father to look after her. next one would be the fact that she was along lost descendant of the Bakugekiki clan, with the unique Kibaku Nendo ability. This would prove to be a curse for her later in her life and the grief of her father would just further the hardship. A grief that would force Lucy to grow up rather quickly, if she were to survive.

Between her father's grieving and drinking, Lucy often found herself sneaking around and stealing what food she could. She had to survive, since her father didn't do anything to take care of her. Matter of fact, he hated her, blamed her for the death of his wife. Her father was an angry depressed drunk by this point. Late at night he would often come home after drinking and while in his drunken daze of depression and anguish, vented and lashed out at Lucy. This made her come to hate the man she called father and furthered his hate as well. He hated how she defied him and stood up to him. He hated how she looked at him as he struck her. Most of all. He hated how much she looked like her mother. The mere sight of Lucy reminded him of his dead wife. The women that he had fallen in love with. The women he had lost.

As the hate built up it started to spread, to fill both of them. Lucy hated how he treated her, how he didn't take care of her, even though she was his daughter. Soon enough the beatings became even more violent, until one day it took a new step. One night, Lucy's father came home in a really foul and drunken mood, screaming and vented, lashed out at Lucy. She had finally reached her limit and started to lash her pint up aggression back at him. This however just made things worse. Lucy had no wear near enough strength to defend herself and when she grabbed a knife and stabbed her monster of a father with it. She stabbed and stabbed until the drunken fool couldn't even twitch from the blade entering his body. Lucy had finally killed the man who she hated more than anything in the world, let she felt nothing but pain within her still. It was clear her suffering wouldn't end, not yet anyway. Being so, she set their pathetic shack of a house on fire and never looked back, walking off into the night.

With her old life now destroyed by her own hands, Lucy lived on the streets as an orphan. Through the years she stole, fought, lied and killed to survive. She did whatever she had to in the industrial hell. Survival was everything and the lives of others were irrelevant. Lucy even joined and destroyed a few gangs that were fighting for control within Ame. As she grew older and older, so did her powers, influence and skills. Soon enough she started to make a name for herself and the stories of her killing ways set fear in all those within Ame.  The young girl no longer had to worry about herself surviving, but everyone around her did and soon enough, they ll died by her hand. It had become relevant to her that there was nothing left for her in the slums of Ame, so she set out to train herself and grow stronger. Lucy wanted to increase her powers and expand on the knowledge that her skills and abilities derived from. The arts and skills of a shinobi.  

Lucy would indeed achieve such a goal and later on become known as a fierce criminal among the lands. Where or how she gained such powers are still unknown, but her killing ability it much to be feared. Everything happens now is the future and it will be paved with blood.

Objectives: To watch the world burn in a haze of blood and fire.


Face Claim: Lucy - Elfen Lied

RP Sample: (Optional)
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Forgotten One
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PostSubject: Re: Lucy the Blood Maiden   Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:53 pm

Approved! Go make yo jutsu and stuffs!
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Lucy the Blood Maiden
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