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Kumagawa Clan (WIP) Naruto_animestocks[com]07
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 Kumagawa Clan (WIP)

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Ieyasu Kumagawa

Ieyasu Kumagawa

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PostSubject: Kumagawa Clan (WIP)   Kumagawa Clan (WIP) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 13, 2013 11:22 am

Kumagawa Clan (WIP) -ie-clansymbolmadebyme
Clan Name: Kumagawa

Bloodline Ability: The members of the Kumagawa bloodline are bred with the ability to control puppets without having to use chakra strings. Their bodies are able to naturally pick up and manipulate their chakra through signals. By pooling their chakra into a single point in into any puppet the Kumagawa bloodline is able to create a chakra center, which acts as a pseudo brain for the puppet. This 'brain' can be located anywhere on the puppet body and acts as a transmitter, reciever, and overall control center for the puppet. The center emits chakra in the form forms of wave, which the Kumagawa clan member is able to sense and process with the naked eye. The eyes acts as receivers, they are able to pick up the signals released from the puppet and by interpreting the wavelength and frequency the are sometimes able to discern the puppet's prospective. Almost as if they can see through the puppets eyes. Giving them a 360 degree vision. Though it may seem complicated the shinobi of the kumagawa clan are connected to their puppets through a network of invisible chakra strings, that rather then require actual movement they only need a single thought for them to be moved. The network is very hard to see and even harder to be severed. It requires the eyes of a Hyuuga shinobi, and even then it is near impossible to severe.

On that note the bloodline has the ability to see the flow of chakra. Unfortunately are unable to see the exact inner flow of chakra like gates and chakra points, but they are able to recognize the basic stuff, such as when one is under genjutsu with their receiver-like eyes. They are also able to see their invisible chakra network when needed. Also by taking in the signals from the puppets they are able to recognize when they themselves are under genjutsu and they are able to dispel genjutsu using the puppets to disrupt their chakra flow by touch. Not only that the Kumagawa clan members are able to reabsorb chakra from the puppets that they create at anytime. Of course at times it won't be much, it is a suitable way for them to regain any loss chakra that is needed.


  • at least Puppet Mastery lvl. 2
  • at least Chakra Sensory lvl 1
  • Permission needed first from creator

Location: Unknown

Clan History: Unknown

Members: Ieyasu Kumagawa

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

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Kumagawa Clan (WIP)
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