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PostSubject: Tanaka/Mara wip   Tanaka/Mara wip Icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 10:04 pm

Tanaka/Mara wip Helgha10

Clan Name: Tanaka/Mara

Bloodline Ability:Light release or Dark release (What is your clans special ability, whether its a advanced element, or even a doujutsu)

Location: In the center of where the new village will be built

Clan History:  The History of this split clan started twenty thousand years ago with twin goddesses of Life, Love, and Light and the other was the goddess of Death, Darkness, and Hatred. They had powers and was gifted from others back then. Years would pass before the sisters became well known for their power, care for the living, and their destructive nature. Soon a priest and his subordinates would travel far to learn and ask for a blessing from them bringing them gifts hoping that they would accept. The older loving twin Misa would quickly accept them without the offerings but the more inhuman twin Chaos was not going to accept it. The sisters were unaware of the subordinates’ presence due to them being physically and spiritually undetected they were forming a sealing ritual that was to remove the twins from their body due to all the destruction and deaths Chaos caused. The moment the ritual was detected Chaos started to kill them to prevent them from removing them from their bodies. While this was going on Misa sat in her throne telling Chaos that whatever they do the can never kill them so she should just calm down and except her fate of being an entity now. After removing them the priest placed their captured spirits in a coffin together painting it half black and the other half white. Years would pass, before the finding of the villages when an eighteen year old girl entered a temple looking for spiritual guidance. Little did this girl know she was entering a sealing tomb for two entities a good and evil one? She would then start to pray to the white and black sealed coffins that was standing straight up for good fortune, but was interrupted by what she thought was someone behind her until the turned forward to see it was something in the coffin responding to her prayer. The young girl would then ask the coffin if it was a goddess that would answer her prayers. The entity took this as a chance to free itself from this coffin and from this already decayed body by telling the girl that she would answer her prays if she swore her allegiance to her and only her. The girl agreed to the deal even saying she would find those willing to join her in swearing their allegiance to her. The girl would place her hand on the coffin receiving the symbol of Life on her Right forearm. Two years later the girl would bring eighteen people back. More years would past before they learned the names of their goddesses who granted them their power and curse. They called the good sister Madam Misa and the other sister Lady Chaos. When a child bearing the mark of darkness was born and a child of Light was born both Lady Chaos and Madam Misa entered their bodies destroying the temple their coffins were found in. The two sisters began to fight destroying most of their clan building causing the elders and clan members to seal them away again until they could settle their differences. During the time of this feud Madam Misa found her a husband and married but kept the last name of Tanaka to show the different in their Clan membership showing she was the superior one of the two and that the way of Light, Life, and Love was the way to go. Chaos also developed changes causing her to become paler in appearance, hate certain things and physical changes with her body such as a black tail, pointed ears, small bat wings coming from her head, Bat wings that she can use to fight and defend with, all teeth falling out and coming back pointed along with another row of teeth, and the loss of her voice after a few years. Chaos slowly started to fall in love with a mortal which she hated since the beginning of their life. After the birth of both of their children on the same day Misa and Chaos got to fighting leading to the reason they were resealed back into a coffin which soon broken open by the granddaughter of the Elder who sealed them was showing their true form that is crystalized after being sealed. Months would past before word spread about the clan reuniting at the village of Ash.  The granddaughter would later die leaving the clan with no elder. So the sisters granted the granddaughter the ability to stay in the world of the living instead of eating her soul so she could organize the clan and lead them.

Drawbacks:Extreme fatigue if over used(Both), Shortening of lifespan (Darkness), Burning feelings(Light), Bleeding from the eye(Darkness), Pain after healing (Light), Coma for three days(Light)     

Members: Mara,Lust

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: Phasewalk(Darkness) Healing touch(Light) Doujutsu(Darkness)  (List your clans specific jutsu here, Such as the Hydration Jutsu of the Hozuki clan or the Byakagan of the Hyuuga.)
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Tanaka/Mara wip
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