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 Ninpocho Chronicles

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PostSubject: Ninpocho Chronicles   Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:13 pm

Character Creation | Site Rules | Battle System Information

Ninpocho Chronicles is an alternate universe roleplay based off of the popular manga and anime, Naruto. This is a place where one can feel free to start their own adventures as a ninja, beginning as an Academy Student. We encourage growth, the freedom to write your own story, and a fully fleshed out battle system and shop for those who would like to go ahead and test their luck on the fields of battle! Going strong for a decade now, we are looking to flesh out our ranks and encourage brand new people to join the site!

At this point, we are looking to open a brand new village, Stone! This will add to a feel of rejuvenation to the site and allow people to revamp their story lines and plot!

Our current village openings include:
- Cloud
- Sand
- Stone

More villages will open once we have a more diverse population in our rankings, so if you do not see one of your favorite villages on the list, do not fret! The village may open soon enough!

So please! Come have a look, make a character, and be sure to get involved with our wonderful community! Just follow the link on the image or one of the links below the image to begin your adventure!

P.S. - - The answer to our security question ( who is Naruto's greatest rival etc etc ) is Sasuke.
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Ninpocho Chronicles
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