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 Summon Template

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Forgotten One
Forgotten One

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PostSubject: Summon Template   Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:56 pm

Name: The name of the Summon. Presumably to be Japanese by default.

Gender: The sex of the Summon.

Species: What kind of Animal Family is it from- All summons you have should be from the same, and the group should not consist of too many types. (Example: "Bugs" and even insect can be argued to be byfar too large, as opposed to say "Equine". Varies.) Dragons won't be allowed, or similarly cliche beings.

Rank: The Rank of the Summon. (Cs, Bs, As, and S Ranks.)

Appearance: What does the summon look like? Pictures may be used here, but be sure to give a description, even if less, regardless. Summons appearances are limited on it's rank and species. A humongous C-rank isn't likely to happen, and neither is a winged toad- A horned toad, however, is more likely to get accepted.

Personality: What kind of "Person" is the Summon? Do they carry any notable quirks or traits? These may be relevant to it's species, or not. Why do they fight with you? What do they enjoy, dislike, etc...

Equipment: Any items and weapons that summon has. Summons should not carry much by default, though higher ranks are given a bit more leniency.

Jutsus: What techniques does the Summon employ. It may have jutsus up to it's own rank, and may be used via the summoner's chakra. These techniques follow the same rules as that of a normal character. It may use Skill-based techniques to a degree. C-ranks may have two jutsus, B-ranks three, A-ranks four, and S-ranks five. Summons may have a max of two Ninpos.
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Summon Template
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