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PostSubject: Rai    Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:05 pm

Name: Rai

Age: 15

Gender: male

Description: Zayn have black spikes short hair with tips of it going down. He is 5"4 feet and weigh about 117-119 pounds. Zayn has black eyes with a skinny nose and a smirk on his face. Zayn has a pale toned skin a medium body type and with medium sized muscle.Zayn has two small black necklace around his neck. Zayn has a one long sleeve and the other side short black jacket on with no under t-shirt with high collars. Zayn have white bandages wrap around both of his hand. Zayn has another Paige jacket under the one he wearing and Zayn wear a white belt around his waist. Zayn has a red and black pouch on his back with a strap around his shoulder to hold his sword in. Zayn wear black long pants that doesn't reach fully at his feet. Zayn has grey and black high sandals on his feet.

Personality: Zayn is a the kind of guy who doesn't take anything serious not even a mission. Zayn get mad easily if a comrade is in danger or over someone insulted him. He usually have a temper because the way people act around him he does aggressive things. When zayn not mad he a peaceful and calm person to be with. Zayn a hilarious funny guy making jokes of the simplest kind of thing like people,animals,friends etc. When ever Zayn sad of something he never seem to cry or look sad he have a straight face or laugh about it. Zayn is never sensitive about other people feeling he just encourage you to not worry and hope it make them feel better. Zayn likes to test his limit by accomplishing things.

Rank: genin

Village: konoha

Character history: Zayn was born in konoha Zayn is the son of Derti his Father a jonin and sarahyu a medical nin. Growing Zayn was thought respect by both of his parents to never give up on life and always go pass your limit. When Zayn was at the age of 6 he join the academy he was first not that strong when he enrolled. His father train him every day until he can know the basic skills. After the training Zayn went through he was one of the top student in his class. Zayn never used to have time spending with his mother she mostly do work all day he really didn't had a strong connection with her. It been two years after Zayn has enrolled in the academy almost done graduating the day he came back from the academy he notice his mother crying she told him that his Father went on a mission and was killed by a sound shinobi. After that sad day Zayn did everything to do to make his mother proud and become a true ninja. Zayn was 11 years old when graduated after that he mostly spend his time training on his ministry to become stronger so he can one day become the homage and wage war on the sound village.

Objectives: to become hokage


Face Claim: fan made found it on google

RP Sample: (Optional)
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PostSubject: Re: Rai    Fri Aug 30, 2013 6:21 pm

Approved!! Welcome to Konoha

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