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PostSubject: Hozuki Clan   Hozuki Clan Icon_minitimeThu Aug 29, 2013 10:18 pm

Kekkei Genkai's Name: Suirinni

Clan's Name: Hozuki

Biography: The Hozuki Clan was a Secluded Clan within the Land of Water. This Clan remained hidden due to their Secret Art of Ninjutsu of the Suiton - Water Release. With the ability to transform their body into water the Hozuki clan became one of the most feared clans within the Water Country. As their country is surrounded by water the Hoozukis were used to guard the ports of the Water Country. They stayed around the Land of Frost and other places near bodies of water.


Name: Suirinni
Type: Body Mutation
Stages: None
Effects: This Clan's Jutsu uses the Suirinni (Water Transmigration), However this jutsu doesn't counts as an Element. All it requires Suiton to be in this Clan. This Clan's purpose is to be impervious to physically contact and enabling themselves as master of manipulation of water, however they're weak against Raiton attacks while in any form. Raiton jutsu also disrupts a Hozuki's shape causing significantly slower hydration. (If hit by a D rank Raiton jutsu Hozuki cant hydrify for the rest of that post. If hit by a C rank he cant for that post plus the next. B rank he cant hydrify for that post plus the next 2 posts. A rank is that post plus the next three and then S rank is that post plus the next 4.

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Hozuki Clan
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