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 Joben Kajitsu

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PostSubject: Joben Kajitsu   Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:04 am

Name: Joben Kajitsu

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: Joben is roughly 6 feet tall being of average height for a person his age. He does have a slightly above average weight of 180 lbs mostly due to the fact that he is somewhat good shape. While he doesn't look like his built with stacks of muscles they are there but just toned. He likes to wear casual clothing like T-shirts and tank tops and usually wears them along with shorts and pants depending on the weather. Joben has a natural hair color of pink which is uncommon and his eyes are a dark onyx black which is also not very common but both are traits he carries due to his clan.

Personality: Joben is a rather energetic young man. He even self diagnosed himself with ADD on account of the fact that he rarely focuses on any one certain thing for a sustained period of time. His mind likes to wander throughout the day often sifting through random facts and junk which often makes him seem lazy or even stupid at times to others when his lack of focus causes him to answer incorrectly or run into common objects like benches or walls. Joben considers himself to be a nice guy, usually doing the right thing when he can. Joben is also a very playful guy, he can be quite the smart ass.

Rank: Jounin

Village: Konohagakure

Character history: Joben’s days before he was a shinobi were normal ones to say in the least. He got into trouble a lot by his peers and parents because of his inability to keep his mouth shut at times, but he didn’t care. He didn’t do it for attention. He just liked to speak his mind. He would spend his days the same way any adventurous kid would. He would travel all around the village in search for new hiding places and secret locations. And when he wasn’t doing that, he’d flirt with girls no matter what the age.

When he turned 13, he started looking into joining the ninja academy to try out something new, because it seemed interesting. He stayed in the ninja academy for quite a while and really enjoyed himself, meeting lots of new friends and girls. He hoped that after he graduated, he’d be able to go to new places so, when class time came, he tried to pay close attention. It came close to the long awaited graduation time in the ninja academy where those who did well the whole year would pass on to Genin rank. It was an exciting time for Joben, or at least it was supposed to be.

Genin Arc (13-15)

The day of graduation is when Joben got news that his father went on an escort mission gone wrong. No specific details were giving except that there were no survivors. Joben didn’t care at all. It wasn’t like his father was home anyway. However, even though he felt this way towards his father, he couldn’t help, but feel like a part of him was missing.

Graduation came and went and Joben passed onto Genin rank. He didn’t feel bad that his father died, but more like hate. Now that he died, his mother acted different. She would be happy once Joben got her attention, but sometimes, when Joben came home early from a mission, he’d see his mother crying by the window and he knew it had to be because of his dad. Not only did he not spend any time with her or him, he had to go off and die like that?

Not letting the hate towards his father get to him, Joben continued doing his shinobi duty and spent less time at home. Less time to notice that something was terribly wrong with his mother.

Chunin Arc (15-16)

As time went by, Joben noticed that something was going on with his mother. She spent more time crying, and it looked like she was in severe pain. But why? Did she really care that much about his dad? Several months went by and her condition got worse. It was a form of depression that was making her sick. It wasn’t long before Joben came home to find her passed out on the floor.

Medical Ninja came over and laid her on her bed. Joben accompanied her every night. She was still breathing, still seeing, but barely talking. One morning, Joben woke up in the chair he was sitting in next to his mother’s bed to see that his mother had died. Devastated, he wasn’t sure that he himself could go on.

Time went and Joben let the deaths of his parents stay in his past. Days passed and Joben advanced to Chunin rank, thanks to all the deeds he had carried out in his village, exceeding above most Genin by successfully completing several C-rank missons. One of his most notable achievements that was actually the one that got him promoted, was and escort mission to Amegakure that he carried out flawlessly catching the attention of Konoha's council and Hokage.

Joben swore to his mother’s grave that he would become strong and be a better man than his father was. Joben continues doing his shinobi duty while still slacking off every now and then. He visits his mother’s grave every day and, occasionally, his father’s.

Now Joben is 18 and an accomplished Jounin, while he still visits his parent's graves and they will forever be in his heart he has moved on. His focus is now on becoming a better ninja and protecting those around him.

Objectives: To be the head of his clan


Face Claim: Natsu - Fairy Tail

RP Sample: (Optional)
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Staz Charlie Blood
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A-Rank Rogue
Staz Charlie Blood

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PostSubject: Re: Joben Kajitsu   Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:49 am

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Joben Kajitsu
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