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Bloodline Name: Tenka no Jutsu (Ignition Technique)

Bloodline Ability: The Ignition technique allows the person actually eat fire of all kinds. They are able to consume fire as any normal food and are completely immune to the burning effect of any fire, their skin actually accustomed to heat of magma and even more so. Fire actually helps them fuel their power, increasing their physical strength and speed as well as their stamina and chakra levels. D-ranks give 5 chakra and each rank higher adds 5 chakra to the amount gained. Normal fires give 5 chakra but can give more depending on size of the fire.

Physical Traits: The hair of clan members is are usually some shade of red.

Location: Konoha

Clan History: The Kajitsu were one of the proud clans of the Hidden Volcano, one of the founding clans of the village and a very powerful clan at the time. They were very well known as they held most of the commanding positions in the village and were regarded as noble warriors. They were well known throughout other villages besides just Kazan as one of the strongest, if not, the strongest users of the Katon element. They fought in many of Kazans wars against other villages and the clan heads usually very close to the Hachibi, holding similar powers, known to converse with the beast and jinchuriki quite often. During the final war of Kazan with Kirigakure, many of the clans members died, valiantly protecting their home, but they unfortunately failed, leaving their numbers severely small, having only around ten members still alive at the time.



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