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PostSubject: Kambei Shimada    Kambei Shimada  Icon_minitimeFri Aug 30, 2013 8:05 pm

Name: Kambei Shimada
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Description: Kambei is a tall, handsome man. He has long hair that is halfway between brown and white, with a small bit of hair on his chin of the same color. He has wrinkles on either side of his mouth from doing a lot of smiling, and wrinkles between bis eyebrpws and on his forehead from alot of worry, as we as well as sharp, green eyes. His skin is deeply tanned from years in the sun and his hands are very calloused from lots of hard work. He is very muscular, with a long scar running across his chest from right shoulder to left hip. He wears baggy white pants held up by a black sash, with shiny black boots. His shirt is black and made of a black, hardened material that extends up to his neck.. He also wears a long, white coat and a pair of black gloves, as well as a long, white scarf that is wrapped around his neck and can be pulled up over his head to protect him from the sun, as well as a pair of earings that look like silver feathers.
Personality: Kambei is a very friendly person, and very wise. He offers everyone friendship and respect if they will take it, and if they will not then he still seeks the best possible solution for peace. Kambei has lived through many fights and truly understands the importance of peace and cooperation among both ninja, and other villages, and works hard to achieve that goal, but he puts his own village and people first and formost, which often leads to trouble. He also takes a special interest in the personal lives of others, acting very much the part of the protective grandfather in a lot of cases, treating weaker, learning ninja as the children he does not have.
Rank: Kazekage
Village: Sunagakure
Character history: Kambei was trained by his grandfather in the ways of the ninja, a true master of it, and he learned well. From a young age, Kambei went everywhere with his grandfather on all sorts of missions, honijg his abilities and training for his grandfathers goal.
From a young age, Kambei grandfather instilled in Kambei the essential need for peace, the understanding of the true brutality of war and violence. "I have given you the tools for war, so that you may learn to obtain peace and protect it." said his grandfather on many occasions, a rule that Kambei has held to his whole life.
At the age of twelve, his grandfather died, and Kambei was on his own, though he was well prepared by then. He traveled the land preparing training hard and making a name for himself, even meeting other ninja and either defeating them or learning from them. He made many allies, and obtained quite a few students, as he progressed and was one of the first to return to Sunagakure, leading his allies with him, to aid in rebuilding it.

This was far from an easy experience though as they began to face opposition from several sources. Criminals who saw a ninja village as bad for business, greedy lords who sought to control the village as a personal weapon, and in fighting from ninja that desired to be in charge. Through it all, Kambei sought to be the voice of calm and reason, always seeking the best possible outcome, and fearlessly leading his men whenever negotiations turned to violence, as they very often did.

During this time, Kambei became a leader for many of the ninja, and began to lead his own faction, which quickly grew in influence in power. Soon it came down to only two factions, the Shimada faction, led by Kambei, and the Onutoma faction, led by the powerful and wicked Totsu Unotoma. Both sought control of the village, Kambei to protect it, Totsu to turn it into a war machine. The two inevitably fell into battle.

The battle between Totsu and Kambei was a vicious one that lasted for two solid days, with neither man willing to conceded defeat. Any watching the battle would have seen an absolutely wonderful display of skill, power, and jutsu of many types. In the end though, Kambei stood victorious as the undisputed winner, and with that victory none others rose to challenge him.

Despite the urging of his supporters, Kambei did not banish Totsu's followers though,instead choosing to forgive them, in order to strengthen the village and begin an era of peace in the village. At first they continued to resist his rule, causing trouble where ever possible, but with time and patience, Kambei eventually brought them about and gained them as valuable allies.
Objectives: Kambei seeks to protect his village and truly bring peace to the land, by creating a unified coalition of ninja dedicated specificly to keeping the peace.
Picture: Kambei Shimada  Kambei%20-%20Samurai%207
Face Claim:Kambei Shimada, Samurai Seven.
RP Sample: Kambei stood quietly on the bridge leading back to Kubo, a small village that had come to him and begged for his help. Bandits had been attacking recently and had already killed several people and made off with their most valuable possesions, and the villagers feared the women would be next. They had offered him all the rice he could eat for the job. He had offered to do it for free. These foul bandits were an assault on his desire for peace, foul, merciless creatures that had no place in the land.
He looked up as the bandits approached, smiling to himself. The village was in a rather defensible position, only approachable on three sides. He had chosen this one because it was the easiest to access, and he had counted them coming this way. Lazy bastards. The bandits spotted him and let out a cheer, one of them, a large brute with an even bigger axe, stepped forward, extending his hand. "Hey thar stranger. Dis here is our bridge, ye wanna use it, ya gotta pay up?" he said with a wicked grin, the men behind him chuckling just as wickedly.
Until the large brute got close enough to receive a boot to the teeth that knocked out or broke almost everyone of them on the right side of his face. The brute was sent careening to the left, smashing into one of the rail, cracking the stone guard rail with his head. Kambei then turned to the others, dropping into a crouch, kunai slipping out of his sleeves and into his hands. "This village is no longer your prey. Lay down your weapons and die." he said, as shadows suddenly appeared on the other side of the bridge, several kunai thudding into the bridge at the bandits feet.
The bandits stood there in shock. Ninja! The village had hired ninja to save them! And a bunch of them to! It took only a moment of consideration before weapons started hitting the ground and the bandits began to surrender. A few minutes later, Kambei was leading them into the village, handing them over to the elder. "They fell for it hookline and sinker. Tell your men I said thankyou for aiding in the ploy, and to leave the kunai launching traps for the future." he saidf simply before turning and walking away before the elder could even thank him.

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PostSubject: Re: Kambei Shimada    Kambei Shimada  Icon_minitimeWed Sep 04, 2013 5:47 pm

if your going to be Kazekage edit it to say kazekage, and include it in your history. Also history needs to be longer.

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PostSubject: Re: Kambei Shimada    Kambei Shimada  Icon_minitimeFri Sep 06, 2013 7:23 am

ok how does THAT history look?

"I shall not know peace in my time. It is a fate I readily accept though, for I know that in my own wars, I may just secure peace for my grandchildren, and for theirs. And if I can win peace for them then, by bleeding now, then so be it."  -Kambei Shimada
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PostSubject: Re: Kambei Shimada    Kambei Shimada  Icon_minitimeFri Sep 06, 2013 6:00 pm

could be longer whatevs. approved
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PostSubject: Re: Kambei Shimada    Kambei Shimada  Icon_minitime

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Kambei Shimada
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