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 Staz Charlie Uchiha

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Staz Charlie Blood
A-Rank Rogue
A-Rank Rogue
Staz Charlie Blood

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PostSubject: Staz Charlie Uchiha   Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:36 pm

Name: Staz Charlie Uchiha

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Description:  Usually wears a red, white, and yellow shirt layers which are really baggy and his main shirt has the Uchiha symbol. Staz also wears really baggy pants which have a spiral design of a dragon on it. He wears red shoes and one glove on his left hand that is black colored and has a Jinchuriki symbol carved on it with a mix of the  Uchiha symbol to give it some style. His hair is short and black not sticking out except the the top part and straight and some shine on it most of his hair is usually hanging to the height of his eye brows. He has red highlights on the tips of his hair or sometimes he colors it blue, he is 5"8'. Staz weighs 122 pounds and has a long scar down his back he gets hurt badly if he is attacked where the scar is he would barely be able to stand up.
He gets hit there usually so he gets used to it but he gets some bruises on his back.

Personality:  Very carefree, Staz can always get distracted easily. Very competitive though, he never says no to a fight and he loves to explore places of the world he has never seen. He loves hanging out with friends and is a not good team player and he is a good leader in some aspects. He isn't really responsible and he never cares if he does the worst possible thing in the universe, always gets in trouble and he is very stubborn. Staz is really good at getting what he wants he would do anything and completely reckless and always tries new moves in a fight when he is fighting an enemy. Very bad at tests but still trys his best at them he loves to play games especially card games. He loves learning new jutsu and can do anything when he puts his mind to it and he usually gets ideas at the last second and he executes it at the best moment and fails most of the time. Staz always protects his friends even to his death and never gives mercy even if it's his best friend or mom. He doesn't lose his temper a lot and hits everything but his friends.He would do anything to help a friend he would go the distance to help a friend in any situation. Staz can get really pissed off if something he loves more then himself gets insulted he goes on a rampage.

Rank: A Class Rogue

Village: N/A

Character history:  Staz's history is very odd and long. He doesn't like talking about his past because it brings back very bad memories which makes him go berserk. His father got murdered by a Sunagakure Shinobi and Staz's sister got killed by a Konohagakure Shinobi. He holds a grudge against those 2 villages and will kill one if he sees one of their shinobi. When he was a kid he went into a cave because of his curiosity.He didn't know it was a spider cave but when he went deep in, a bunch spiders jumped him and he got bit by a lot of them he almost died but he survived he was in the hospital for months. When he recovered he had very bad eye sight and could barely walk so he had to stay in bed for most of the days. He hated it because he was losing all the time to train and practice.

When he was fully healed everyone was ahead of him in everything so he trained day and night until he caught up to everyone. It took years because there was so much work to do a lot of people made fun of him for being so weak but he always challenged them and beat them. He protected his last part of his family, his mother. Staz protected his mother with all his life but his mother died from a disease. Staz was too depressed to do anything but he kept moving forward by himself. He made friends along the way he regained all his confidence and is best at everything. He trained in Fuuton, Katon, and Raiton
but he worked better at Fuuton.

Then he tried to mix Fuuton with his kunai and sword. He ended up stabbing himself with a kunai in the leg and he kept trying but it wasn't working so he tried it with Katon. Staz ended up burning himself so decided not to mix Fuuton and Katon with his weapons. One day he was training and a bomb landed in his area! Staz tried to save as many people as he could but a lot of people still died, but he survived with the people he rescued. Then the people who launched the bomb invaded his area but he stood their to protect it with his life and managed to beat the enemy with Fuuton!  

Staz traveled through the Land of Iron searching for a scroll to learn a S rank jutsu to get stronger. It was a Raiton style nature, but he also heard rumors that it was Fuuton but both of those were one of his elements so he was okay with either one. On his way he got ambushed, they were Cloud ninja he was informed they were waiting for him. Staz was confused on how they found out his whereabouts, but he was ready to fight back and he managed to hold his ground but the enemies were really strong Staz was worried he was gonna lose. In the end he barely survived but there was a hospital nearby so he tried to get there as fast as possible so could continue his quest.
After he got healed he was on his way, after 3 days he reached his destination, his map showed the scroll to be underground. Staz searched everywhere but then he found this cave going down to the surface Staz went in there and found the scroll! Then he searched for a area to master the jutsu, after he did Staz power had increased by a large amount.

Objectives: He doesn't really have a objective just to be a great ninja


Face Claim: Staz Charlie Blood from Blood Lad

RP Sample: Staz was walking in the cave shivering. "Hello! Anyone in here?"He could here the echos going down the caves while he was walking down it was getting darker and darker. "What is this place? It's too quite is it a secret base or somethin'?"He was soon getting near to a dead end but, when he heard a small crawl he froze!"What was that?! That's it I'm going home!"He started to run to the exit but in that second spiders came from everywhere and attacked him! "HELP!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!"The spiders were biting him but someone heard him and got him out and Staz could barely speak he was almost dead but he got into a hospital and he was safe.And that's the history for now.

Last edited by Staz Charlie Uchiha on Sat Aug 31, 2013 8:27 pm; edited 4 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Staz Charlie Uchiha   Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:04 am

D rank rogue?

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Posts : 41
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PostSubject: Re: Staz Charlie Uchiha   Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:58 pm

Not Approved as S rank. And we dont really need rogues... we need to fill village positions. Why not Just stick with B rank?

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Forgotten One
Forgotten One

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PostSubject: Re: Staz Charlie Uchiha   Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:37 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Staz Charlie Uchiha   

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Staz Charlie Uchiha
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