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 Sage Mode Template

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Forgotten One

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PostSubject: Sage Mode Template   Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:48 pm

Sennin Mode Template:

Name: (Special Title of Sennin Mode, if any. Such as Toad Sage.)

Description: Simple Description. How it looks? What animal qualities does the user gain? How do the Sages link themselves to you?

Jutsu Bonuses: The user uses 1/4 less chakra when using jutsus upon activation, as well as being able to use the Sage Summon's jutsus.

Sage Summons: Link to pre-created Sage Summon(s)(Template made above.)

Ability Enhancements*: User can choose three out of five basic features, which are:

* Agility –Enhances how fast you move three times, allowing the Sennin to better dodge and maneuver.
* Strength – Enhances your power three times, allowing him to crush things in his grasp with ease.
* SM Length – Enhances Sage Mode’s length, depending on amount of Sages. If 1, Bonus is Ten Turns. If 2, bonus is 8 Turns. If 3, Bonus is 6 Turns.
* Toughness – Enhances the user's body greatly, increasing the durability of the skin and bone until it has a natural armor, as if made of metal.
* Intellect – Enhances intellect, allowing you to control your Natural Chakra more efficiently. The user now is able of using 1/3 less the normal cost of jutsus, rather then the 1/4, as well as giving your ninja increased insight and allowing them to better see through an enemy's plans.

Preparation Time: Amount of turns before activated, Equal to the amount of Sages(So, if 2, then activation time is two turns.)

Length: How long Sage mode will be in effect, based on how many Sage summons are molded with you, which is six turn for each Sage aiding you.

Beast Special Enhancements*: Special Bonus. Like special vision, better senses or whatever. The Sennin gains two traits, regardless of Sage Number. Both Feats must be animal related.

Sage Jutsu

Sage Summon Template:

Name: (Name of Animal Sage/S)
Age: (Animal's Age/s)
Gender: (Animal's Gender (Male and/or Female/s)
Race: (Race of Animal/s)
Appearance: (What it/they look like)
Personality: (What is the sage/s like?)
Style: (Sages get 8 Knowledge Skill Levels)
Jutsus: (Sages have a Total of 6.)

(Note: Regardless of the Number of Sages, the amount of known jutsu and level of each is the same. Thus, Sennins still have 6 Jutsus regardless. Also, keep in mind that while Sages are powerful, they may not use jutsus without linking.)

Note: You require C-S Summons to have a Sage Summon.
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Sage Mode Template
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