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 Guide to Skills

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Forgotten One

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PostSubject: Guide to Skills   Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:45 pm


   A skill is exactly what it sounds like. A skill is described as such:

       "Skills are usually acquired or learned, as opposed to abilities, which are often thought of as innate."

   Thus, if you are skilled, you know how to do something better than someone else. Like forging a weapon, or building a trap.


   There are three ways for a ninja to fight, and that is through using his or her Ninja Arts. These arts are Ninjutsu (the manipulation of chakra to achieve a grand range of effects), Genjutsu (the manipulation of your chakra onto another to create illusions), and Taijutsu, which is physical hand-to-hand combat. All these fall under Knowledge Skills, and your mastery in any of the aforementioned categories is determined by how much KSP you spend on them.

   Each level of Knowledge requires a certain amount of points. The exact numbers are as follows: *note these knowledge points stack, so in total Level 2 Knowlege requires 4 KSP; 2 to reach level 1, and 2 to reach level 2*

       Level 1: 2KSP.
       Level 2: 2KSP.
       Level 3: 2KSP.
       Master Level: 4KSP.
       Legend Level: 4KSP.

   In total, to master a branch of the Ninja Arts, you need to spend 14KSP. How much KSP you have is decided by rank. The exact amount is as follows:

       Genin: 8KSP.
       Chūnin: 6KSP. [ 14 total. ]
       Sp. Jounin: 3KSP. [ 17 total. ]
       Jounin: 6 KSP [ 23 Total ]
      Anbu: 5KSP. [ 25 total. ]
       Sennin/Kage/S-class: 5KSP. [ 30 total. ]

   That's all.


   Most ninja train in some way, or possess a natural affinity towards an ability. We label this as an Ability Skill, and they are similar to Knowledge Skills. Each level of your ability requires a certain amount of points. The cost is as follows: *note these Ability stack, so in total Level 2 Ability Skills requires 3 ASP; 1 to reach level 1, and 2 to reach level 2*

       Level 1: 1ASP.
       Level 2: 2ASP.
       Level 3: 3ASP.
       Master Level: 4ASP.

   In total, it takes 10ASP to master an ability. According to the rank of the individual, the amount of skills they have to utilize varies. This is as follows:

       Genin and Chūnin: 3 Abilities.
       Jounin - Anbu: 4 Abilities.
        Sennin, Kage, and S-class: 5 Abilities.

   Again, similar to Knowledge Skills, depending on your rank, you have a certain amount of ASP given to you. The exact amount is as follows:

       Genin: 7ASP.
       Chūnin: 15ASP. [ +8. ]
       Jounin: 21ASP. [ +3. ]
       Anbu: 25. [ +4. ]
       Sennin: 30ASP. [ +6. ]
       Kage/S-class: 34ASP. [ +4. ]

   The ASP gain, like the KSP, is automatic when you rank up.
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Guide to Skills
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