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 Finding a scroll

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PostSubject: Finding a scroll   Finding a scroll Icon_minitimeSat Aug 31, 2013 10:00 pm

Rai walk around the forest of death not knowing his way through the forest he soon notice that he was lost. Rai look up and saw a huge mountain "hmmmm maybe if I climb that mountain I could get a good view of where I am and far away I am from konoha" he wonder to himself as he started to run to the tall mountain. He then began to jump on the trees to get to the mountain even faster than just running on foot. He went slower as his stamina went down "to tired to go on I need a break" he then stop to take out supplies and water from the backpack his sensei gave to him earlier. Rai gulps down the water as he nearly choked"maybe I should set up camp for tonight that mountain a long way to go". He took out a blanket and pick up some twigs from the ground "this will be great for a tent" he thought to himself.

Rai started to shiver as the cold came he pick up the left over twigs and decided to make a fire out of it. He then drunk the rest of the water he had "in the morning I'll just go to a near by lake for more water" he said to himself as he sleep in his tent snoring loudly. In the morning Rai woke up yawning thinking about him being lost in the forest of death was just a bad dream. He realize he was still lost as he took a step out of his tent he look as the sun was rising. Rai stomach started to grumble as he forgot he had nothing to eat "man I should had pack some more food" he then glared up notice in a tree a small nest with about 3 birds eggs in it he started to drool as he stared at the nest "food!" he yelled out. Rai jump up the tree taking all the birds eggs he ate them raw as he was to hungry to cook the eggs. After Rai got done eating he begin to run to the mountain. Rai got closer and closer to the mountain "almost there.

Rai reach the mountain in a couple of minutes as he look thinking to himself is it possible to climb that high. Rai started to climb with two kunai in his hand he never did learn how to wall climb. Rai got further up the mountain "just a little higher can give up now" he said to himself as he started to climb faster. Rai was near the tip of the tower in just one hour due to encouraging himself not to give up.
Rai started to slow down as he got tired of using the lunar in his hand to climb up he took a two minute break "man this is like training" he thought to himself. Rai had started to climb as he almost reach the top of the mountain.

Rai got higher until he made to the top "yes finally I did it" he watch the view of where was standing "where konoha" he said as he slowly turn around he notice his home village. Rai ran closer to get a better look at it. As Rai ran further he trip on something nearly falling off the mountain "ouch what was that he said" he got back up dusting the dirt off him he look down his eyes pop as he notice it was a scroll "cool I always wanted one" he then pick up the mysteries scroll and head back to konoha as he walk closer to Konoha he realize it a summoning scroll "wow when I get back to Konoha im going to figure out how to use it" he said as he started to run.

Rai walk through the gates of Konoha relieved to be back "finnaly im never going to back there again well if I never did I wouldn't find this neat summoning scroll" he said as he walk toward his apartment. Zayn walk pass villagers hoping that none of them tried to steal the scroll " the only safe place is my apartment I should get there before I start to learn how to work it" he thought to himself. Rai finally reach his apartment glad to finally go inside he took his key out of his and open his door locking it behind him. Rai saw left over ramen on his since since eggs were the only thing he ate he decided to chow down on some delicious ramen. After Zayn got done he stomach was full to eat another bite "alright let get started" he said as he pick up the scroll opening it " man it a B rank going to take me a while to learn this.

Rai began to focus his chakra he started to do the proper hand signs  straining himself "summoning justu!" he yelled out as a white tiger cub appear from no where. Rai started to laugh "a little cub really" he laugh even hard "shut up you idiot you did the justu wrong" Rai stop laughing "your able to talk" he said with a quiet voice."of course I am something tell me you know nothing about summoning justus" the cub said. Rai wonder what he did wrong did he had enough chakra or he mess up on the hand sign "alright what did I do wrong" he ask the cub the tiger cub began to growl at him "you did the hand signs wrong you idiot. Rai began to focus on his chakra again ignoring every word the cub said to him "eh kid are you even listening here the cub said.

Rai started to have more chakra focusing even harder than before "there on thing you need to know about me cub I never give up" he said the cub began to get serious "listen here kid my name Tairdo stop calling me a cub" the little cub said. Rai stand up from the ground "my name is Rai stop calling me kid!" he yelled "this kid got guts to stand up for himself" the cub said. Rai went back to focusing his chakra he later then stop "I'm ready" Rai said with a smirk on his face he began to the do the proper hand signs "I got to get stronger" as he thought in his mind he used every chakra he got left "SUMMONING JUSTU!!" he yelled out at the top of his throat. Rai saw how Taidro grew 10 feet taller aging 100 more pounds Rai also notice that his apartment was destroyed. Rai expressions of being mad he was overwhelm with happiness of what he accomplish.
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Finding a scroll
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