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 Hyuga, Kaede

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Kaede Hyuga

Kaede Hyuga

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PostSubject: Hyuga, Kaede   Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:57 pm

    Name: Hyuga , Kaede .

    Age: Twenty - Six .

    Gender: Female .

    Description: Kaede is of an average woman's height at her current age, five feet and four inches tall. Somewhat near the height of her late mother's when she was still very much alive. What is unique about Kaede is that her hair is of a snow frost white, it's been noted that perhaps she had a genetic mutation from a different line segment of the Hyuga tree. Because of Kaede's very pale skin tone, she appears to be very fragile because how all the white of her hair, skin and the Hyuga eyes come together on her face.

    Despite being a rather high ranked kunoichi, Kaede is usually seen wearing rather formal kimonos that take the rather bland and not very surprising white colour theme, yet there are white a few that appear to have an icy blue like colour to them. Many of these kimonos cover all of Kaede's body, especially her hands so it is rather hard to figure out what stance that she can take while someone is unable to notice, probably because of the fact everything Kaede is and wears is a snowflake white hue.

    However, everything on Kaede seems to just come to life when witnessing her in the ceremony Hokage robes. None of which have been personally altered expect for the headwear which now has a cloth that hangs down to mid shoulder length that allows only a rectangle like shape to frame Kaede's face upon looking at her. These robes are worn strictly during the Summit of Kage meetings that are called, or special ceremonial festivities that take place within Konohagakure no Sato.

    Personality: Allow for us to start with the basics of Kaede, she is a very formal woman who shows the up most respect to anyone and everyone that she seems to happen to 'stumble' across. Kaede views respect as something that should be expected and given to anyone that she meets, even if they are a traitor of even Konohagakure no Sato. Kaede doesn't expect to be given respect unless these people are on common ground. If they don't, then Kaede does an entire three sixty turn to being rather calm, charming to a very harsh and cold woman that Hyuga's are said to known to have. It is constantly told because she is Hokage not to bother with someone who is seemingly passed out during a travel outside of Konohagakure, but yet Kaede does not like seeing wounded, even possibly dangerous people being left out.

    Naturally being both from the Hyuga's main branch and also having the title of Hokage, she's a rather honorable woman. Kaede views Honor as something that every man and woman is born with and should achieve to always keep high and above anything else. However, Kaede does come to terms and does and up questioning her own honor when she is given the choice between something political or something based on human emotion. Kaede does not like putting innocent or even shinobi lives on the line if she has a feeling that whatever the mission may be, will not end up turning out the way she wishes for it to favor.

    Deep down in between the knowing and needing to work both as a Lady Hokage and along with the fact she is the heiress to the Main Branch family, seems to make people forget that Kaede is actually a normal human being when it comes to the term of emotions. Despite appearing to have a rather rough expression on her face, Kaede is a very warm and soft person, always willing to help someone that is needy. Even now since being Hokage that she cannot be out on the battlefield unless it is a full out war, Kaede finds herself wishing and willing to place her own life on the line with the rest of the men and women of Konohagakure to prove she isn't just a simple figure head, feeling love for everyone, no matter what their wrong doings are.

    Rank: Lady Hokage .

    Village: Konohagakure no Sato .

    Character history: Kaede is the first born child in the Hyuga family, becoming the heiress. Though, there was a split moment when her mother and father thought that they had lost Keade to a still birth. She did not cry, wail or flail about upon exiting her mother's womb. Kaede was very much limp. Kaede's mother begun to weep right away because she had already given up hope on her new born daughter that she would not survive, and that she had carried a full term still born child.

    Then, she cried.

    Kaede cried loudly in her stricken father's arms, who's face seemed to just burst with light at the fact Kaede was very much alive. The medical ninjas couldn't seem to place the details or the threads together on how Kaede did not cry until her father had come to take the baby away from his weeping wife. Regardless, Kaede's father was very much happy with the fact that his daughter survived. The Hyuga clan was glad that yet another branch family member had survived and was born, some of them questioned what the child's name would become. Kaede's mother had been the first one to announce that the white haired baby's name would be Kaede.

    Throughout the early stages of Kaede's life, things didn't seem to be going in the direction of becoming a Kunoichi at all. Her mother was very strict when it came to being very formal, may it be with fellow elder head branch members or even the side branch members; treat everyone with the same amount of respect that they felt towards Kaede herself. Wearing Kimonos seemed almost way too natural for Kaede, even at such a young age. But yet it was one of the older Hyuga's whom was a kunoichi, training in one of the clan's fields that made Kaede want to become a kunoichi herself.

    Kaede's mother was very much against the idea that their heiress daughter would want to become a Kunoichi, despite having given birth to a son when Kaede was four years of age. He did not become a branch member, instead it seemed that the Main Branch allowed to very healthy children to remain on the same grounds as each other. However, Kaede's mother did end up giving into her daughter's pleas of wanting to become like some of the branch members, it made her father even more proud that the heiress herself wished to become a kunoichi.

    The Academy was rather quick and easy to understand, proving that the heiress woman was considered a prodigy of sorts, boosting the Hyuga pride amongst their clan members that she had graduated rather early then most of the other students with fellow graduates that were also very studious and had much power to show off to each other. Kaede got along very well with the rest of her team, finding both of the male's on the team to be rather amusing, enjoying the idea that they were also not treating her differently because of the fact she was the heiress to the Hyuga family.

    Time seemed to slip between the fingers when Kaede had graduated early from the Academy. Missions and special request for the young prodigy squad came and went, came and got completed in seemingly record timing. The squad though did not take the chunin exams until the rest of their year Academy genin seemed to take them as well. In the beginning though, Kaede was not all that perfect and did not obtain the ranking of Chunin, but yet one of her fellow teammates did obtain the ranking on the first go at the exams.

    Kaede was proud of her teammate that he became a chunin ahead of her and the other male member. Constantly did Kaede and he have to shove off the fact that they were still genin with a chunin higher ranked teammate. When the chunin exams came around yet another time a year after that, Kaede and her fellow member became chunins as well, feeling glad with each other that they finally caught up with their friend as well whom was more then gladly happy that they came to the same ranking as he.

    Unlike Kaede's teammate who ended up going on to become fellow Jonin's in arm, Kaede found herself working with the ANBU Black Ops at the age of eighteen, staying a Chunin while her fellow teammates become Jonin by the ages of sixteen, something that was not uncommon for their age group. Becoming an ANBU was indeed a rather strict and hard test, having to fight against other ANBU members all at the same time in a rather dark testing area. But it was because the darken area that Kaede shined the most with her family's Kekkei Genkai. Some of the men muttered how she was a cheater because of the blood limit, meanwhile other kunoichi's were more then glad for there to be another woman in their ranks.

    Time seemed to flow faster and faster once again. In Kaede's early twenties, her mother begun to demand that her daughter actually slow down and decide to possibly demote to possibly chunin or a jonin, that way there was a better chance of Kaede finding a suitable husband to marry; may it be inside the clan as many elders wished or possibly from outside of the clan. Kaede and her father grew surprised and rather curious with why her mother was suddenly demanding that Kaede find a husband of sorts, meanwhile her younger brother didn't really care, having become a Special Jonin instead of achieving at a higher rank like Kaede.

    Yet, it was in her mid twenties that Kaede was greatly surprised to be called forth by the Konohagakure no Sato council members. The elder Hokage had come to an illness that was slowly killing him with each passing day, and when he finally passed on the Head Jonin and others came together, while other ANBU members did the same. Of course Kaede voted for her Captain, whom she thought would make a lovely Hokage with how he understood to wield and distribute power.

    Yet to her great surprise, Kaede found herself becoming Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. Her father was greatly surprised as well, but became even more proud. Naturally Kaede's brother was even more stunned, having known that Kaede was not searching for the title at all, but seemed more excited then both of his parents. Kaede's mother seemed to grudgingly agree with how happy she felt inside that Kaede was now the Hokage, finding that she's more inclined to stay within Konohagakure instead of doing missions, yet fearing suitors would be afraid with the fact her daughter was now Hokage.

    It has been a year since Kaede Hyuga became Hokage, thankful that she was born with silver white hair, that way no one could see any of the stress hairs that usually would pop up on the darker haired kunoichis and ninjas during stressful jobs. Despite it being stressful, Kaede finds herself enjoying being Hokage, seeing the village every day and knowing that she was personally keeping it safe.

    Objectives: To protect Konohagakure to the fullest, proving that not all Hyugas are arrogant .

    Face Claim: Sode No Shirayuki .

    RP Sample: Moop.~
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Staz Charlie Blood
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A-Rank Rogue
Staz Charlie Blood

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PostSubject: Re: Hyuga, Kaede   Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:00 pm

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Hyuga, Kaede
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