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 Jutsu and Chakra Guide

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PostSubject: Jutsu and Chakra Guide   Jutsu and Chakra Guide Icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 9:00 pm

Guide - Jutsus and Chakra

In order to have victories on one's opponent, ninjas have developed a variety of jutsus (literally techniques) which help them defeat any opponent. In order to perform a jutsu, a ninja must first perform the necessary hand seals for a specific jutsu and to mold the correct amount of chakra, depending on the jutsu rank.

Jutsus have the following types:

Also, Jutsus have the following ranks:


As a ninja grows up, its power grows as well. The following ninja ranks have the following amount of chakra points:


In order to perform jutsus of certain ranks, one must use the following amount of chakra:

Rank E: 1 to 2
Rank D: 2 to 5
Rank C: 5 to 8
Rank B: 8 to 12
Rank A: 12 to 18
Rank S: 18 to 25

There is a variation on the chakra cost. This variation is due to the rank of the ninja and to the nature of the jutsu.

For example, a rank C jutsu could cost only 5 of chakra to a Chuunin while a Genin should use 8. Also, a user of an element, lets say fire, should use less chakra in a fire jutsu than, for example, a lightning user.

Also, there are no exceptions of costs for Kekkei Genkais. A Kekkei Genkai of rank C will cost between 5 to 8 and that's that.

Jutsus with a long period of usage (like dojutsus such as Sharingan and Byakugan) should have a chakra cost of 1 per post plus the chakra cost of the jutsu activation.

Summoning will also have a continuous chakra cost of 0.5 each post (1 CP in 2 posts). Also, every jutsu the summoning performs will use your chakra.

Finally, when fighting, don't forget of putting your current chakra and chakra limit.

Ex: 43/60 (For a Chuunin)

Remember this when performing jutsus in battles.

Learning New Jutsus
Jutsus now must be learned either from a Sensei or solo - It must be worked out (Rp how you learn it) before acquiring the jutsu - Without omitting the fact that the jutsu has a cost that must be paid to learn.
Beware that the higher the jutsu, the more complex the rp must be, or the mods can simply deny it to you. There is no limit of words here, so you must follow yourself only, or respect your Sensei's request.

The Jutsu Point each rank of jutsu needs is the following:

In order to get Jutsu Points, these are the ways you can get them:

   1 - Training with your Sensei or by yourself. You will get one point per each 500 words of training in one topic, meanin that if you finish your topic having 300 words, they will not count for the next training. The Sensei will get one point for each 300 words (three students to deal with isn't easy, gotta have compensations), but only if he is teaching a student, and not training alone.

   2 - Completing missions given by you Kage. After successful missions, you will get a decent amount of Points. Don't forget that the ninjas need to have certain ranks in order to do certain missions.

Quote :
   D- 10
   C- 20
   B- 30
   A- 40
   S- 50
   3 - Battling! Battles will now earn you a certain amount of Jutsu Points no matter if you win or lose. However we will regard how you Rp and apply the rules. Good Rp skills, Intelligent Tactics and strategies and No breaking of rules are expected. You will gain more JPs if everything is done correctly. The amount of Jps you will get at the end of each battle will be from 4 - 8 JPs, and will be awarded to you by the Admin/Mod. The better you Rp and apply the rules, the more JPs you will get
   Note : Godmodding cuts down JPs so be careful.

   4 - Being a Kage is hard, for one must give missions to the others. As such, for each completed mission Kage's will receive an equal number of points -2, for each completed mission you have given your teams.

Creating New Jutsus

You can create new jutsus like you used to do, instead of only using the lists of pre-made jutsus. However, if they are accepted (which will now be harder then ever), they will go to the lists and you can ask it when you have the requirements to do so. If you had an idea about a certain type of jutsus, simply request them in the request section, so they can be add to a list.

In order to have jutsus of your own, either you have a clan of your own, with it's premade jutsus (the clan must be really original... otherwise Sakka will do what he is best at, which is denying a lame clan), or become a Jounin and start making your own jutsus, (requirements to learn it still apply).
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Jutsu and Chakra Guide
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