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 Rogue Rules

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Baka Naruto
Baka Naruto

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PostSubject: Rogue Rules   Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:01 pm

Being a rogue can be tricky business for those planning to be one. If you feel like starting out as a rogue make sure you ask a admin before you make a character just to make sure you can. Another question you may be asking is if I am rogue how do I rank up. It actually may be a lot easier than you think. While villages give out missions Rogues don't have have they just get to cause mischief. Similar to turning in a mission a rogue can crash somebodies topic or do solo rps just like anybody else. After turning these in they get graded and you get 'mission' points. Ranking up from then on is just like any body else. 20 points to go from D to C and 50 points to go from C - A. That leaves B and S. To get to be a B rank rogue you could just have been a C rank for a long enough time or maybe you took part in an event.

Some of you may be having second thoughts about your choice in village or may just want to leave all together and be a rogue. Well its not always that easy. While leaving your village is always option it isn't always the easiest thing to do. Because to villages their ninja are their favorite and toys and to be honest if they cant have you then nobody can. The measures taken to make sure you stay home really depend on the person and the village.

Breaking into a village! Heres a hot topic, many of you might think your going to sneak into a village and cause some mayhem and then sneak out. Well think again! Sneaking into a village is tricky business. Think of villages as those million dollar mansions that you see on tv. They have the best security systems and walls and fences and what not. So upon breaking into a village there will be dice roll to see if you succeed. Depending on your rank, skill, and if you have any jutsu that may help you out your chances will vary. Another factor may be is if your going with somebody who has good chances, those chances reflect on you.

Now some villages are lenient on rogues, meaning that they may allow you into the village to do business as a mercenary. Of course this really all depends on the leader of the village but in times of war this really isn't really all that uncommon.

On to bounties like each classification of D - S ranks there are bounties put on your heads, usually by your village but it could be somebody you pissed off. Most D or C rank ninja have very small bounties or maybe not one at all, while almost every A ranked ninja an up has done something to deserve one. So what all that means is that whoever kills a rogue gets a reward.

Please follow these rules and enjoy your time here at Battle Royal.

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Rogue Rules
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