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PostSubject: Mika Yuki (NPC)   Mika Yuki (NPC) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 7:44 pm

Name: Mika “Ice Princess” Yuki

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Mika has brown eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. She didn't care for her appearance as a child but ever since Amaya told her she needs to be more attractive, things changed. Instead of letting her hair down, she wears it up more often in pigtails or tied up with ribbons. Her bust is almost close to Amaya's and her body is on par with her sensei's, which was even stated by Amaya. She has silky smooth skin and stands at 5'3.

Mika tends to be quiet and reserved, and difficult to get to know well. She holds back her ideas and opinions except from those who she is closest to. She is kind, gentle and sensitive in her dealings with others. Mika is interested in contributing to people's sense of well-being and happiness, and will put a great deal of effort and energy into tasks which she believes in.  She also believes that she owes her life to Amaya and thus does everything in her power to make her happy, a seeming impossible task since Amaya, is well Amaya. But she constantly waits on her, even though Amaya often disapproves of it.

Mika has a strong affinity for aesthetics and beauty. She is original and independent, and loves her personal space. People who don't know her well may see her unique way of life as a sign of carefree light-heartedness, but Mika actually takes life very seriously, constantly gathering specific information and shifting it through her value systems, in search for clarification and underlying meaning.
She is extremely perceptive and aware of others. She constantly gathers specific information about people, and seeks to discover what it means. She is usually penetratingly accurate in their perceptions of others.

Rank: A rank

Village: Kirigakure

Character history:
Mika was the product of a one night stand, between some rogue ninja who was hunted down and killed after the fling, and some prostitute in Kirigakure. Life for Mika was terrible as her mother had given birth to her on the streets of Kirigakure and left her for dead. But fortunately she was found by someone nearby who alerted the local authorities. The ANBU located the woman and gave her two options, face charges for prostitution and child abuse, which could either lead to death or life imprisonment, or take her child and go home, the second should never had been an option but the ANBU officer felt sorry for her and her situation.

Mika’s life wouldn’t get any better though as she was constantly abuse by her mother and the men who her mother brought home with her. She was forced to fend for herself as her mother hardly fed her and hardly even looked at her. At the age of 12 she practically lived on the streets, begging passerby's for food and money, and when that didn’t work she did the next best thing. Steal.  

She hated the idea of stealing but she was literally on her own. One day she ended up robbing a newly promoted Jonin, Amaya Yuki, which was someone who had a reputation in Kirigakure for having a horrible temper. Amaya decided to know why she had stolen from her before beating her to a pulp, Amaya heard the girl's tale about her life and was impressed by the girls vigilance and determination to stay alive and decided to take her in as the second member of the Yuki clan. Mika currently serves as the right hand of Amaya, and is probably the only one who Amaya talks to and shows emotion towards.

Objectives: Help Amaya



Face Claim: Lucy-Fairy Tail

Mika Yuki (NPC) Amayas10
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Baka Naruto
Baka Naruto

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PostSubject: Re: Mika Yuki (NPC)   Mika Yuki (NPC) Icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 9:33 pm

A little more for description and you'll get approved
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PostSubject: Re: Mika Yuki (NPC)   Mika Yuki (NPC) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 04, 2013 7:06 pm


Mika Yuki (NPC) Natsu
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Mika Yuki (NPC)
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