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 Curse Seal Template

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Forgotten One
Forgotten One

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PostSubject: Curse Seal Template   Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:53 pm

Curse Seal Template:

Name: (Name of Curse Seal placed. Only necessary for those who have Seals, not when creating.)

History: (This is how the Seal was created and designed, possibly telling the source of its power and its uses in the past.)

Obtained: (Link to RP in which Seal was Placed.)

Power: (Curse Seals have several effects, from increasing the user's Elemental control, Power, Speed, Defense or Chakra reserves. The Seal may also contain other effects.(Hyuuga Slave power, intense pain, special activations, etcs...)

Each Curse Seal has a total of 18 Curse Points to begin with for power upgrading for the first level, and 10 more for the second.

Point may be used for the following.
Ability Enhancement: User's stats are increased by 1/4 Normal. Single Ability must be effected.(Power, Speed, etc...) May stack. May be chosen for more then one Ability. Costs 2.5 CPs per upgrade. Max of x3

Chakra Increase: User gains 10% more chakra then Usual. (Example, Genin has 45 Chakra Max, gains 4.5 chakra rounded up.(5) May Stack. Costs 3 CPs per bonus. Max of 50%

Jutsu Affinity: This allows the user to either lower a main type of Jutsu's(Nin, Gen, or Tai) cost by 1 point, or a specific type(Kekkai Genkai, Element, Etc) by 1 point. Base cost for Main Types are 5 Points, Specific Types 4 points. Both are Stackable. Max of 5 Ups per category. Does not take additional cost when doing separate types.

Time Limit Boost: Allows user to gain more time to use the Curse Seal in, increasing the Base Duration +1. May Stack. Costs 2 CPs per bonus.

Improved Healing: User's gains an increased recovery power, able to heal minor wounds quicker then normal and withstand medium and major ones better. Costs 5 CPs. May not Stack.

Physical Change: Usually involving parts of an animal or similar creature. Changes body during curse seal to better help the user. Cost is varied as enhancement is.(Note: Appearance changes are not considered Physical Changes.) Costs X CPs. May not Stack. May be chosen more then once for different changes.

Seal Costs: (The cost activation of the Seal)
Lv.1:3-5+1 Per turn
Lv.2:6-8+1 Per turn
(Costs stack. Cannot go to Lv.2 without paying Lv.1 cost.)

Time Limit: 6 For First Stage, 3 turns allowed in Second Stage. Time may be increased by upgrading.

Downsides:(The bad effects of your curse seal. Must contain at least one major one, or several lesser ones.)
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Curse Seal Template
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