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 I need my sleep mission RP

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PostSubject: I need my sleep mission RP   Thu Sep 12, 2013 7:37 pm

Judai thought this was going to be very simple because all he's doing is killing a bird so he was taking it lightly. It was 2:40 AM and he slept during the day so he could be awake at this time, Judai set up a trap. He had to prepare it 2 days before because it was hard to make, there was cage that would pop up from the roof but it was colored so it wouldn't be visible. He had to program it so if there is any weight on it it would pop up and the bird could fly but the top is a flap that would open when it is going up but then closing and Judai would jump to the roof and lock it instantly.

it was 3:00 AM and the bird came, Judai went into hiding and luckily the bird landed where he set up his trap. The cage popped up but the bird had really quick reflexes so it flew right when the cage was went. Judai was is a shock and he got ready to chase the bird to the death, the bird wasn't the fastest but it was  flying in a weird pattern so Judai had to make a plan on the spot to get the bird.

Judai was running on the roofs of the houses and was trying to make the least noise possible and he got a plan in his head so went faster and faster then jumped as high the bird was and he was about to catch but the bird pecked his hands really hard. But Judai didn't give up and he had to go really fast because the bird was really ahead. Judai's hands were hurting but he had another option to catch the bird with, his feet. Judai got ahead of the bird and then jumped at it but it was just a trick to confuse the bird, he missed on purpose then he repeated the action again and again, but then he actually caught bird with his feet.

Then he landed on the roof on his back since he was holding the bird with his hands and his hands were hurting really badly. Judai knew he had to kill it but Judai was was hesitant, because he wants the world to be free of killing and wars but he knew to achieve that goal he has to become stronger. He lifted one of his feet and stepping down with the other with force, Judai stepped down with his other foot on the birds head with enough force to kill it but he didn't because he was afraid.

Judai's hands were feeling better, so he was holding the bird down with his hand. He got a piece of hard brick that would be enough to kill the bird, he put down the bird and pushed it down with his foot. He was ready to throw the brick with enormous force, he threw it down and it was an inch away from his foot and he put his foot away and the bird wasn't able to fly away and the brick landed right around his eye and because of that the bird died and Judai had a lot of guilt but with every mission he does he reaches his dream.

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I need my sleep mission RP
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