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 Mission: stocking

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PostSubject: Mission: stocking   Mission: stocking Icon_minitimeFri Sep 13, 2013 11:02 pm

Dazron came just in time as the crates were loaded each having there own tag on it one was weapon then food supplies,tools,wood, and iron. He started with the easiest one which was the food supplies. He bend down and got a grip of the edges of each side of the crate. He use his might to slowly lift up the crate. As he walk carefully over to the warehouse not to accidentally drop the crate. Dazron legs begin to enable as his arm got numb a little. "what do these people eat" he said as he struggle to bring the crates near the warehouse. He got close enough at the warehouse to drop the on the ground. He didn't want the supplies to get ruin as he bend down to drop the crate.

"one down four more to go" he said as he wipe the sweat off his forehead. He then went to the crate with the tools inside of it. Dazron tried to lift the tools he didn't had much of upper body strength. He decided to just push the crate at the warehouse he put his two hand on the crate as start pushing it. He was almost near the warehouse just a little more. Dazron whole body was sweating he didn't really mind that much since he a Hozuki. He reach the warehouse as he push the crate near the food supplies crate.

Dazron then went for the next crate with the wood inside of it. He knew if he had trouble with pushing a crate of tools this might be harder."well time to use the easy way" he said as his right arm began to buff up as water moisture filled his arm. He pick up the crate without even trying as he walk to the warehouse still avoiding dropping the crate. He got to the warehouse faster due to his arm. He turn around to go pick up the next crate which was the weapons.

He didn't struggle at all carrying the crate he had to much strength. His arm could to withstand the pressure of the weight. As his legs got unbalanced walking side to side still trying to hold the the crate in his hands. Dazron nearly fell back hoping on one leg getting closer to the warehouse. He made it in time before he it slips out of his hand as he drop it near the other crates.

Only one more to go the hardest one the iron. Dazron rush over to the last crate as he started to drag he didn't want to lift it before it accident fall. He drag it closer to the warehouse "easiest mission ever" he said pulling the crate near the warehouse as he was almost there. It was no need to walk anymore since the crate was on the ground he started to sprint. He made it to the warehouse as he put the crate at the warehouse.
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Mission: stocking
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