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PostSubject: Mission: explore   Mission: explore Icon_minitimeFri Sep 13, 2013 10:27 pm

Dazron strolled around the fascinating village of Kirigakure. There were alot of places to go to shops,restaurants, and item shop. Dazron heard of the new restaurant grand opening down the streets today as he was excited to go. He didn't exactly known were the place was he just heard people talk about it for the past days. He saw a man walking right in front of him as he tap his shoulder "excuse me do you know where I can find that new restaurant at?". He waited as the man turn around "sorry kid but I have no idea what your talking about" the man said.

He walk away from the man toward a shop owner "do you know where that new restaurant at?". The man stared at him as his face turn red "that place is taking up all my business here why should I tell you! the shop owner yelled at him. Dazron slowly back up then turn around to run out of there as he never heard someone as rude like that. He walk down the streets as it was empty but with just one person leaning on the wall. Dazron walk up to the guy"ok I'm in a rush tell me where that restaurant at" he said."ha why you think the streets are empty about everyone is there" he said as he laugh walking away.

Dazron walk down the street alone by himself everyone else is at the restaurant enjoying themselves. As he walk by he was a flyer hang up on the wall of someone shop. He saw as the words were an ad for the restaurant and show were exactly it was at. Dazron rush down the street as he had know have information of where the restaurant was at. He made a right turn down another street as he saw the sign of the restaurant. Dazron can finnaly eat as running around the place can make a guy hungry.

He made it to the entrance as he saw a large man blocking the door."alright kid you may enter" he said with a smile on his face " your lucky it free food for ninjas here today and you got here just in time as the place almost got packed". Dazron walk through the Dorr as he saw the designs the restaurant had it was all kind of color blue,red,green,black and etc. As he sat down a waitress came to him"and what will you like to order" the man said with a fancy accent. "i will have one of everything on the menu" he said with a huge smile on his face.
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Mission: explore
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