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PostSubject: Shurajo Clan   Shurajo Clan Icon_minitimeWed Aug 28, 2013 11:17 pm

Clan's name: Shurajo

Clan's biography: The Shurajo are an old clan originally of the Land of Night, a country to the far north noted for it's cold climate and long periods of winter. Because of this, many of the inhabinants were noted for their pale skin- This trait has followed through the Shurajo genetics. The Shurajo clan in the past was a nomadic tribe, hunting from place to place like a pack of wolves. Through carnage and the fierce cold developed the ability to utilize their chakra through their blood, allowing them to release heat from it. This ninjutsu ability soon became a weapon as well, the crimson liquid far deadlier then any mere spear or blade. However, their bloodlust soon came unquenchable, leading to a civil war between members of the clan. The massacre left few sane survivors to travel through the snowy wastes. Overtime a small remnant of the Shurajo came to Amegakure, the village hidden in the rain. Ame, no newcoomer to bloodshed, welcomed them in without blinking an eye, leading the clan to slowly repropser. Some members have even pledged their allgiance to Rain, becoming Ame Shinobi.

Clan Members:


Bloodline's name: Kekkami (Blood Emperor)

Bloodline's type: Mutation


Passive traits/abilities: Members of the Shurajo have had their bloodline, Kekkami, developed in a unique manner that rivals the bodies of the Kaguya in their ability to survive. They carry several traits that have allowed them to adapt to a variety of climates and combat, most notably their ability to grow blood at high rates. A Shurajo's body naturally compensates at an amazing rate any blood lost, making death from blood loss or collapse from it an impossibility. This trait also allows them to utilize their various Chi-based jutsus without fear, making them deadly foes. These changes have resulted in an several unusual body characteristics that are common amongst the Shurajo. Dark hair and pale skin are normal changes, but even more disturbing is the illuminating effect caused by the mixing of the user's chakra and blood. Whenever one uses Kekkami Hidden techniques, their veins and eyes will glow crimson. This effect is a chemical reaction from their blood meeting the body's energy, and was believed to originally used by the clan to easily locate other members in the darkness.

The deadliest and most notable of their traits, however, is the venom in their veins. It is likely that it came into existence as a defense against wild animals, but it quickly became one of the most efficient methods of killing for the Kekkami users. The Shinobi of the Shurajo has an extremely venomous blood, the crimson liquid poisonous to any creature it enters save another Shurajo. The blood can enter the body in a variety of manners- Breathed in, drank, or delving through a wound. Once it enters the blood stream however it will begin expanding itself, a virus which will devour other cells. The average human immune system will be unable to cope with this genetic monster, quickly reaching the heart via the blood stream. Once there it will begin latching itself onto the cardiac sections, causing pain, rapid breathing, and disorientation. Within minutes they will feel it's effect. Within an hour, they will likely fall unconscious. Death can easily occur in less then a day. Because of the crimson liquid's nature, it is known as Nirokueki - The Red Venom.

For Ninjutsu Purposes, Kekkami is considered a Ninpo. However, if the user has Medical, they are considered one Ninjutsu for Knowledge Skill purposes.


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Shurajo Clan
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